July 17, 2013

Loveseat Love

CB2's latest catalog showed up in my mailbox last week:

I typically sift through catalogs while drinking my coffee on Saturday morning but I had some downtime waiting for the grill to heat up so I casually did a fast flip through a few pages right after I got it. You know the flip. It's the one where you hold the spine of the catalog in your left hand and do a thumb swipe across the edges of the pages with your right hand so you can view everything all at once really fast before deciding whether or not to toss the thing. No? Just me, huh? Anyway…

As I was flipping through the pages, I stumbled upon this beauty:

It was love at first sight! It's the suitor graphite stripe loveseat and I'd love to make it mine but I'm suffering from a bit of sticker shock: $1,199. Insert dream crushing music here.

I don't really *need* a loveseat (nor can I afford it) but in my furniture fantasy dreamland, I thought it'd look great somewhere in our needs-so-much-work/furniture bedroom!

Maybe at the end of our bed?

If the seat height is tall enough, maybe it could become a banquette in our dining room?

Oh the possibilities! Furniture Fantasy Dreamland (FFD) is fun but so disappointing sometimes haha

What exists in your FFD?

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  1. Love the seat but think that the back height would be too much for your bed. The dining room would be a great option BUT your other chairs wouldn't match. I hate finding a beautiful home furnishing item just to have to pass it up because it isn't practical.

    ALSO... when did CB2 become SOOO expensive! I thought that they were suppose to be the "economical" option for CB lovers!


  2. I love the fabric on that love seat. You've got me thinking now ;)

  3. Thanks Julie! I thought the same thing about them and have no idea when they became so expensive! It was like one day they were semi-affordable and then BAM! the next day, they were priced right up there with CB's stuff!

    I love it too, Julia! :)

  4. a gorgeous, to die for sofa...that is what awaits me in FFD everytime I go there :)

  5. I'd have a giant navy velvet sectional. Delicious! But totally impractical. I hope you get your dream loveseat!

  6. So many things! But lately? A lake house. ;)

  7. A lot of mid century modern vintage pieces that I will never have the budget for... :) Glad to know I'm not the only one who suffers!

  8. Hi!

    Where did you get the bench that's at the end of your bed?


  9. Jane - The bench is the 60" Andalucia bench in white from Overstock: http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Andalucia-Modern-White-Leather-Bench-Large-60-inch/5594688/product.html

    They also have a 50" version as well as different leather colors to choose from :)

  10. Where did you get your bed from?!

  11. Nadia - I got it from Joss & Main during one of their sales but it's the linen nail button wingback bed from Skyline Furniture in Navy. It's for sale on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Skyline-Furniture-Linen-Button-Wingback/dp/B005VY938A/ref=pd_sim_sbs_hg_3 and other sites if you search for the name above :)


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