July 8, 2013

Office Gallery Wall

Happy Monday!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw me post this photo about a week ago:

It was the initial sketch of the gallery wall for our office, which now looks like this:

It's a lot different from the sketch but I love it :)

Before we take a closer look, let's address the elephant in the room - my cow skull:

I know it's going to upset some of you and I get it. I debated on whether or not to hang it on the wall but it was a gift from my late grandmother and it's pretty much the only thing I have to remember her by.

I know it's controversial and you may not like it but ultimately I decided that at the end of the day – long after this post has been forgotten in the sea of blogland – I'm the one who has to stare at the wall. I wanted every single piece on it to have meaning and to make me smile, even if that meant that the pieces weren't going to be everyone's cup of tea.

I'll get off my soapbox now so we can get back to looking around :)

Last week I showed you how I made my DIY Sharpie canvas art:

It was the only piece of art I made for the wall:

All of the other pieces are things I collected over time:

The pink Rockstar sticker below was a last minute addition that I'm thinking of framing or mounting to a canvas:

My boyfriend is a gamer and his friend happens to work for Rockstar Games. He was in town over the weekend and surprised my boyfriend with some shirts and a bunch of multi-colored stickers like the one above. I thought his gesture was sweet so I added the sticker to the wall to remember our weekend :)

Speaking of my boyfriend <3

Ignore everything that you see on the shelves! They're a hot mess right now haha

Anyway, I ordered the colorful abstract prints (top print // bottom print) from Parima Studio about a month ago when I first started thinking about creating a gallery wall:

The print quality is amazing and the pop of color is exactly what the wall needed!

I had to toss in a little computer humor with the Ctrl, Alt, Del blocks. It seemed fitting for an office!

The colorful canvas below was a housewarming gift that my best friend's sons made for me:

I'm ashamed to admit that it's taken me a year to hang it up but I think the waiting paid off because I finally found the perfect spot for it!

The wall contains an AWOLNATION concert poster I held still as can be (so it wouldn't bend) as we walked around 10 blocks of downtown while we tried to find our car, the floorplan to Dexter's apartment, a signed poster from my idol, pages carefully cut out of said idol's book, cute sketches from Sea Jay's shop, cacti I can actually keep alive, my old Illinois license plate, my froggy doggy, and my thrifted blue French horn amongst other things :)

It took multiple long nights, numerous additional sketches, and about 100 holes in the wall to get this wall finished but I couldn't be happier with the final result :)

What do you think of our gallery wall? What's your favorite piece?

Psst: click here for a few gallery wall tips and tricks that'll help you put together a wall of your own!

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  1. What a beautiful gallery wall. I love so many things, but the bright abstract prints are my favorite. My son dreams of becoming a professional gamer when he grows up.

  2. Oh love the idea of a floor print to Dexter's apartment ;)
    And I'm guessing your puppy was barking at the cow skull on IG? LOL
    Love every detail on your wall, seriously do!

  3. i love everything! it's a really great set up! of course things never look the same as the sketch, but it's always so helpful to have a starting point! Looks amazing!

  4. Love it. My favorite is of course the Ctrl Alt del :) I bet you can figure out why :) I also really like the tortoise shell. Everything looks great!

  5. Thanks Linda! The abstract prints are so beautiful in person and there's so many to choose from - you should check them out! :)

    Thanks Julia! Yep, he was barking at the skull haha I had hung it a few hours prior to taking the video but I guess he didn't notice it then!

    Thanks Erin! :)

    Thanks Katja! Too funny about the Ctrl, Alt, Del haha I didn't even put the two together until you mentioned it!

  6. It's perfectly balanced! I love how personal it is. Nailed it! Both figuratively and literally.

  7. Those abstract prints are great! Where is the "Love Me" art from? It looks so good!

  8. I LOVE the cow skull! In fact, I have recently been looking for one for my place...but shouldn't be too hard since I live in Texas lol. Glad you decided to hang it up!

  9. Thanks Kenz! :)

    Thanks Shannon! :)

    Thanks Melissa! You're right, finding a cow skull in Texas shouldn't be hard at all haha

  10. I like your cow head :)

    In fact, I like it all!

  11. Love it and guess what... the skull is my favorite part! I had one in Mikey and my old house and I regret getting rid of it all the time. Anyways I think it looks awesome, so well balanced!

  12. Love it! And I love how it's totally your style and things that have meaning to you. Those are the best gallery walls.

  13. Great job of combining small and large, colorful and neutral, flat an dimensional. And regarding the skull, dont ever, ever decorate for anyone but yourself!!

  14. It's just the right amount of quirky. I love it! I need a blue horn...

  15. Thanks Caroline! :)

    Thanks Amber! If I find one out here for you, I'll send it to you ;)

    Thanks Chelsea! :)

    Thanks Diane! I try not to decorate for others but it's hard sometimes when you're putting your work on the Internet for everyone to see. I'm getting better at not caring though!

    Thanks Michelle! I've seen a few brass ones similar to mine pop up on eBay. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you!

  16. Love it! Such a great collection. I even love the drawing :)

  17. It turned out incredible! I love the cow skull. It gives great dimension, and bonus that it also hold sentimental value! The sketch was awesome, but seeing it on the wall is just stunning! The shelves look like the are coming along nicely too!

  18. Hi Caitlin :) I love it. I am working on one right now and this is great inspiration. Just love it! xo Kristin www.bliss-athome.com

  19. Thanks homefornowblog! :)

    Thanks Amber! Oh those shelves are a mess haha We brought most of my accessories back into the room because I had planned on styling the shelves first and then doing the gallery wall but I switched gears and did the wall first. I didn't want to take the stuff out only to bring it back in sooo, the mess ended up in photos haha

    Thanks Kristin! Can't wait to see your gallery wall when it's all finished! :)

  20. Wow! It looks amazing. So many great pieces. Love the cow skull & your froggy doggy :)

  21. I love the love me print! Do you have a source for it?

  22. I love the gallery wall! The bright pink prints are awesome, and you know, I actually like the cow head up there! Sure, it's a little funky, but it totally works in that grouping. I'm impressed that you could take such an unrelated assortment of items and really make them all look great together--I'm always scared to mix things on a gallery wall. You did an awesome job, I love it!

  23. such a great idea to sketch it first! love how it turned out

  24. My favorite part is how eclectic and colorful--yet cohesive--it looks! Your sharpie canvas is really cute, too. When I put up our gallery wall I laid it out on the floor in about 580 different ways before deciding where the nail holes should go. Aaaand then I still made unnecessary holes. :P

  25. Awesome gallery wall & love the skull! Is that a "Danger Muffin" icon (the muffin atop the crossed bones)? I saw Danger Muffin last spring & regularly listen to one of their CDs in my car.


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