July 12, 2013

Office Light Options

We're getting closer and closer to putting the finishing touches on our office and are in the market for a new light fixture.

Our office's ceiling is currently sporting a builder basic boob light:

It's not terrible but it doesn't give off a lot of light. It's been hanging around for over a year and it's time to go! It also looks like a boob which I believe is strike 3 haha

Jonathan Adler Parker Ceiling Light // Lamps Plus

[ Light image via Lamps Plus ]

I like the geometric shapes and how the patterned outer sleeve (?) sticks out away from the glass shade. It takes 3 light bulbs so it should give off enough light and I imagine it'd cast some fun shadows on the walls!

I put together a mini mood board of our office to see how it'd look with everything else we have in our office:

I like how the squares of the light's sleeve pick up on the squares in the Vittsjo shelving units and how the oil-rubbed bronze finish ties in with the black and white art we have in the room. It's almost perfect but its $271 price tag is more than I'd like to spend.

Hampton Bay Edgemoor Semi-Flush Mount Light // Home Depot

[ Light image via Home Depot ]

To me, Hampton Bay's Edgemoor light is like the poor man's Parker light – and there's nothing wrong with that!

It's a semi-flush mount light which means it'll drop down a little from the ceiling but that could be a good thing considering light would shine up towards the ceiling and reflect back down into the room making it brighter.

I like the moroccan trellis pattern more than the square pattern above and the $90 price is much better as well! The only con is that it's a little small at 13 1/4".

Dark Rust Industrial Cage Light // Lamps Plus

[ Light image via Lamps Plus ]

If you follow me on Twitter, this is the light my boyfriend said looked "like it was ripped off a 100 year old house" which makes me love it even more haha

I love the rusted finish and how open the cage of the light is but do you think the open cage is competing too much with the openess of the Vittsjo shelves? They'll be filled with accessories which will make them look less open so it might not be too bad!

One problem: the light is $199. I found a $10 off coupon code so that'll bring the price down to $189 but that's still more than I was hoping to spend. What can I say, I'm cheap haha

Valencia Dark Bronze Fabric Semi-Flush Mount Light // Lowe's

[ Light image via Lowe's ]

This was one of the first lights I was eyeing early on in my search but I initially ruled it out because I thought it was a fluorescent light. As it turns out, I read the description too fast! I went back and searched for it again last night just to double check things and as it turns out, it's a CFL light! Granted a CFL light is still technically a fluorescent light but I don't think CFL bulbs are as bad as full on fluorescent ones are.

This is another semi-flush mount light that will hang down about a foot. We have 9' ceilings though so I think the room can handle the fixture without the room feeling like it shrunk too much.

I really like the simple shape and how the dark stem (?) sticks out against our ceiling. I also like how the oil-rubbed bronze finish paired with the white shade (it may be cream, I'll have to see it in the store) ties in with the black and white art we have in the room, just like the Parker light does. Well, just like all of them do actually haha

It's the simplest yet largest option of them all and it's also the cheapest ringing it at $84! I think I may have found a winner :)

What do you think? Which light would you choose? Have another option you think I should consider? Link to it in the comments!

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  1. My vote is option 1. If you ever change the office into something else, this fixture would still be great. You could even paint the fretwork a pop of color one day. Good luck

  2. Nice selection! Personally, my top two would be #1...the Jonathan Adler Parker (#1), and #2 Lowe's Valencia drk broze fab (#4). I want to like the industrial cage (#3) because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the industrial stuff....VERY COOL. But seeing it with the other things in the room.....not so much! :( .

  3. You know me, for me it's Jonathan Adler but in your case I think I'd have to say #3. It's so you!

  4. I love the Jonathan Adler light, but the Edgemoor is a much better deal. I do like how clean the Valencia looks too.

  5. We have this one from Overstock.com in our bedroom:


    kind of similar to your #s 1 and 2, esp. #2. It's more expensive ($123), but it's HUGE--19 inches, 3 bulbs. Anyway, we really like it!

    I like all of your picks except the industrial one...I mean, I LOVE the industrial one, but not in your office, I don't think.

  6. It's totally not my style, but I think #3 would look awesome in that room!


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