July 15, 2013

Office Light Reveal

I hung our new office light up over the weekend! Most of the time when I say I, I actually mean my boyfriend and I or sometimes just my boyfriend but this time I actually mean I did it solo :)

I ended up choosing lighting option 4, the Valencia dark bronze semi-flush mount light from Lowe's AKA the least popular option:

I chose it because I really liked the simplicity of it. I loved the other lighting options I chose but I felt like adding another something to look at was going to be too much for the small room. The gallery wall is already very busy and I know the shelves are going to be too so I didn't want to get a busy light. The one I chose gives your eye a place to rest and let's everything else stand out!

I'm not going to go too much into detail about the installation since I'm not a licensed electrician and I don't want to be held liable if something goes wrong in your installation but I will give you the Cliffs Notes version!

After I turned off the power to the room from the main breaker of our house, I started the installation by removing the finial and shade from the old boob light:

Then I unscrewed the mounting plate from the ceiling box and pulled all of the wires out:

I disconnected the wires from the old boob light and then I connected the wires from the new light to the wires in the ceiling:

After I had lined the new light fixture up with the screws that were hanging down from the ceiling, I screwed two decorative circular pieces on to hold everything in place:

Once that was secure, I screwed the shade into place, followed by the light bulbs:

Then I attached the diffuser piece by screwing the finial into the long screw that you can see hanging down in the photo above:

Just like that, I had installed our new light fixture by myself!

It wasn't that I couldn't have used my boyfriend's help, it's just that he was working day 11 of 12 and I knew he was going to be tired when he got home. I figured I'd do as much as I could ahead of time and then stop and wait for him to get home if I got to a point where I needed help but I didn't!

I love it! I did notice that the finial is different that the one shown in the picture online though:

It's not bad, just different than what I was expecting!

Speaking of differences – the light fixture is listed as $83.96 online but when I went to pick it up on my lunch hour Friday, I noticed that the sticker said $97.98 in the store. That's a $14 difference! I asked an employee about the price difference and he said to show the online listing to the cashier and they'd honor the price. He was right and I paid $83.96 instead of $97.98!

You can't tell in the pictures online but the shade has a linen texture to it which I think is a nice touch:

It just so happens that the texture of the shade coordinates very well with the set of IKEA Ritva drapes we have already hanging in the office! Yay for happy accidents :)

Ready for a before and after?

Ahhh, much better :)

Was option #4 your lighting choice? If not, what do you think of it?

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  1. Nope it wasn't but I think it looks great and your reasoning behind it makes sense.

  2. excellent choice. and your reasoning makes total sense!

  3. Yes, I liked option 4, and for the same reasons. I think its simple, clean and doesn't take away from that beautiful gallery wall! :)

  4. I'm SO glad you picked this one...the others were way too busy! It looks fantastic. And if you ever need something to spice it up, a thick black ribbon trim would add interest without being too busy! And kudos for installing it yourself! :)

  5. LOVE IT! We have the square version of this light in our basement hallway, and I love it. It looks great in your office. And I've very proud of you for doing the electrical all by yourself :) You are a ninja!

  6. Looks awesome. Such a great choice:)

  7. Thanks everyone! Glad you guys like it as much as I do :)

    Kenz - I had my eye on that square one but it was a little too tiny for our office. It'd be super cute in our master closet though ;)

  8. Turned out great! Sometimes it's just the right decision to choose the quieter light. That one is beautiful!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  9. I really like it! I think going with the simpler option will work really well with what's already in the office.

  10. It looks great! I always wondered if those diffusers at the bottom of drums pendants affect the light in the room?

    Jenna @ Wife in Progress

  11. I'm behind on blogging reading but you totally made the right choice without me! ;) It looks great.

    And you installed it yourself??? High five! Super impressed.


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