August 30, 2013

August '13 Recap

For those of you that are new here or that may have missed a post, here's what we got done in August :)

• I shared 10 bookcase styling tips and tricks on how to mix his and hers styles

• I completed our office makeover

• I gave you a full source list for our office in case you're wondering where anything came from

• I launched a new blog design!

• I planted a trio of succulents in some 50¢ geometric dip bowls from Target

• I made some snakeskin napkin rings

• I asked for your opinion on a color for our interior doors

• I also asked for your opinion on some hardware for our front door

We didn't get a ton done but we did complete a room makeover, a blog makeover, and a couple of DIY projects! That's not too bad! Next month will be better! It has to be if I put it out in the universe, right? Right ;)

What was your favorite project from this month?

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  1. I've been behind on blog reading so I appreciate the recaps this month!

    I love you new blog design. It's so colorful and feels very you!

  2. What?!? You did get a ton done! And it was all amazing so bonus points there! I love the office and the new site. I still have my 8 geometric Target bowls hanging around all lonely for some succulents.


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