August 23, 2013

DIY Snakeskin Napkin Rings

Happy Friday!

I have another cheap and easy DIY project for you today! Can you guess what it is? ;)

I made the napkin rings out of a piece of PVC pipe:

Specifically a 1 1/2" one that was 2 feet long. I think it was $2.65 at Home Depot (I tossed my receipt).

I could have gotten individual coupling pieces but they didn't have one in a length I liked so we decided to cut our 2' long piece of PVC down on our miter saw:

NOTE: If you attempt to cut a PVC pipe yourself, be very careful and hold the pipe TIGHT against the fence so it doesn't roll on you. Also, that's my boyfriend's arm, not mine ;)

After we were finished cutting, we had 8 pieces of 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" PVC pipe (plus some leftover) AKA future napkin rings!

I took 4 outside and spray painted them with some satin black spray paint I had on hand:

Once they were dry, I grabbed my roll of snakeskin duct tape and got to work!

I started by rolling out a long strip of duct tape:

So I could roll a piece of PVC pipe along the edge:

I tried to roll it as straight as I could without getting any air bubbles but I still had some excess to trim off the edges:

I took a pair of sharp scissors and held the bottom blade parallel to the edge of the PVC pipe. I carefully trimmed the tape down on both sides until it was flush with the top edge of the pipe.

Repeat the above steps 3 or more times until all of your napkin rings are done and then you're all ready for dinner!

I like how the texture of the duct tape kind of makes the snakeskin print look like it's real. Not that I'd want actual snakeskin napkin rings but you know what I mean haha

I didn't stop there though!

The remaining four pieces of PVC pipe got a coat of white spray paint on them:

After they were dry, I grabbed a sheet of marble paper:

Cut a 1 1/2" strip (the size of my napkin ring) off of the long side:

Brushed some rubber cement on the PVC pipe and wrapped the marble paper around it until I had this:

I repeated the process 3 more times until I had all of these:

Not too bad for something that only cost me 33¢ each! Note: this project may cost you more than 33¢ each depending on the supplies you need to purchase and where you purchase them from :)

What do you think of them? Told you they were cheap and easy! :)

I'm sharing this project on House of Hepworths!

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  1. Isn't that the best duct tape!! The 3m/scotch reps said they actually took photos of real snakes to get get the print just right. Love your napkin rings and so versatile. You could do any kind of pattern with those :) xo Kristin

    1. I LOVE that duct tape! That's so cool that they went the extra mile to get the print to look real! And yes, the amount of patterns you could do are endless! I've already thought of 2 more sets I want to make haha

  2. You are a Genius! I love this idea! Can't wait to do this...Thanks!

    1. Awww, thanks Geesha! I can't wait to see how yours turn out :)

  3. So smart! I have been searching and searching for that snakeskin duct tape but I can't find it....I really think I need some in my life!!! Love the marble paper too.

    1. I found some at Target and bought two rolls of it since it's the only Target I had gone to that actually had some. It's selling like hotcakes! I think Amazon and Home Depot sells it too though, have you checked there?

  4. This is awesome and they look so expensive! You did your thang, Girl!

  5. I love how the snakeskin looks with the pink napkins and gold plates. Really great combination!

  6. I love these ideas. They make such great gift. I love that you used pvc pipe as the base. So clever :)


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