August 28, 2013

Front Door Hardware Choices

Yesterday 30 people weighed in (27 in comments, 3 on Facebook) on the color choices for the back of our front door. 73% of you (I did the math!) loved the idea of us painting it navy!

Want to know a little secret? Navy was the color I had picked from the very beginning!

Great minds think alike :)

I liked the black and gray choices I had shown but I feel like everyone is painting their doors those colors. There's definitely nothing wrong with that but I wanted to do something a little different. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of navy so a navy door seemed fitting!

Like I said yesterday, I'm in the process of updating the back of our door. The door will need to be painted once the project is done but I'd like to get some new hardware for it first. I'm thinking of getting this set from Home Depot:

[ Image via Home Depot ]

I really like the long back plate and square handle. I Photoshopped it and the new door knocker I'd like to get onto our front door:

I also like how the darker finish of the hardware ties into our window's black frame:

I feel like its long, clean lines also fit with the modern style of our front door much more than our current curved version:

The hardware example I showed a few photos above had a lever handle for the inside but I kind of like this knob handle:

[ Image via Home Depot ]

From what I can tell, the above set is exactly the same as the one with the lever except the interior handle is a knob and not a lever.

Here they are side-by-side for comparison purposes:

Which one would you choose?

Also, would you paint the back of the door before replacing the hardware? I still need to measure the openings but I'm hoping that the interior plate of the new hardware will cover where the old one's holes will be so I don't have to do any paint touch ups if I were to paint the door before I save enough money to get the new hardware.

Speaking of which, here's a zoomed in photo of what the lever version of the hardware would look like from the inside:

What do you think? Would you choose a lever or a knob for the interior? Would you paint the door before or after the new hardware is intalled?

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  1. I like the style, but I think nickel would look better than ORB against the navy.

  2. I like the style, but I think nickel would look better than ORB against the navy.

  3. i think the knob is better than the lever. i'm digging how it looks on the front door though. looking gorgeous!

  4. YAY! I was hoping it would be navy :) Hee hee! xo Kristin P.S. I need that lion door knocker somewhere in my house...even if it's not on the door.

  5. I like the knob, but that is only because I have never seen anyone with a lever for their front door... you could be different, I'd still like you. lol


  6. Love the ORB! I like the look of the knob, but I'm wondering if the lever will be easier to open (if say your hands are full). Hmm. I'd say go with your gut on this one, both are gorgeous.

    And yay team Navy!

  7. I am loving the door knocker you photoshopped!!!

    And in terms of lever vs. knob, I'm feeling the lever. :)

  8. We have a lever and love it. But we have little ones and sometimes a free pinkie finger is all you have to get the door. But I do really like the knob look too...sorry I'm no help.

  9. I love the lever, choice A. That's what most of the doors have in Germany.

  10. I'm late to the party, but I totally would have picked the navy! And I'm sort of leaning towards lever....

  11. I'm going with the masses on the lever!

  12. so polished and sexy. I'm dying!!!!

    (and totally wishing there were modern homes like this where we live).

  13. Glad you went with the navy! It's going to look great! I love that door handle. Pretty lines! I would go with the round knob instead of the lever. I just don't like levers for some reason. I also get my belt loop stuck in them. I'll stop making myself sound ridiculous now.

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