August 13, 2013

Office Reveal

Ladies and gentlemen: our office is done!

I finished styling our desks over the weekend:

I also turned my boyfriend's desk into a campaign one like mine using this tutorial.

I tried to disguise our modem and router as much as possible. My boyfriend had a small heart attack (not really) when he saw the modem turned on its side (I guess it has to breathe?) so it's standing up now...

Welcome to my blog's headquarters :)

This is where the magic, err, blogging happens:

This crystal was dirt cheap at the gem show I attend annually. I'm still kicking myself for not getting more of them.

Speaking of gem show goodies:

I wish my mouse would work on that agate slice but sadly it doesn't so it's just for photos. Let's all pretend it does work though ;)

I also got my cowhide at the gem show. Weird, I know haha

I had my Nate Berkus arrowhead rug in here but there were too many rectangles happening between it, our desks, and the shelves so I brought the cowhide in on a whim and instantly loved how the organic shape broke up the boxiness of everything else.

This painting is still one of my favorite purchases :) West Elm doesn't sell it anymore but Shannon and Kristin have great tutorials on how you can DIY a similar piece of your own!

Remember the light I installed myself?

I still can't get over how much better it looks! I'm easily impressed, what can I say haha

I shared a ton of photos of my styled shelves here. You can also read a few tips on how to mix his and hers styles on a bookcase of your own here.

I love seeing the shelves reflection in the mirror on our gallery wall:

You can make a similar piece of arrow art here :)

Ready for some before and afters?

Here's where we started after I cleared out my hoard:

Here's where we are now:

We painted the walls Benjamin Moore's "Revere Pewter", DIY'd a pipe curtain rod, curated a gallery wall, replaced the light fixture, and styled our Vittsjo shelving units (after we spray painted them Valspar's "Indigo Streamer" – my go-to navy blue).

Here's what the desk/gallery wall looked like before:

Here's what it looks like now:

Last but not least, here's what the shelf wall looked like before:

And after:

Our office is a bit busy and crazy with pictures and accessories everywhere but I love it. I'm surrounded by my favorite things and I can't help but to smile whenever I walk into the room :)

What do you think of our office? What's your favorite part?

Psst: I'll be sharing a full source list on Thursday! If you have any questions you'd like answered then, ask them now!

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  1. a really awesome transformation! and it was done on a completely reasonable budget!

  2. Gorgeous! The room is so happy and chic. I love the pop of red from your chairs. The World Market desk turned campaign desk was genius. P.S. I'm just about to wrap up a "how to create a gallery wall" series on my blog and plan to feature a picture of yours! :)

  3. You room turned out so great. Love all the moments you have going on. Too bad that agate doesn't work with your mouse, it's gorgeous. I just love the double arrow artwork. So fabulous!

  4. I'm DYING. It's incredible! I love every single detail. Just perfection in a room. LOOOVE.

  5. WOW!! Looks fantastic!! and surprisingly bigger compared to the before photos

  6. It looks great! I love the cowhide rug, so unexpected, yet so perfect. The desks look awesome, too! You have got the gem show HOOK-UP, I tell ya! I need about 1,569 of those crystals. Let me know when you go, and I will just send you a blank check and let you choose things for me! Haha. Great job! :)

  7. I am seriously DYING over how much I love your office. Those desks are fantastic! Aaron and I need an office make-over, but that is far down the list. haha, we should probably put our baby over our computers. How lame, right?! But seriously, GOOD JOB! You nailed it.

  8. Awww, thank you domatorka-domowo! :)

    Thanks Erin! Yep, the shelves are the only thing I purchased for the room which definitely helped the pocketbook haha

    Thanks Andrea! Also thanks in advance for including a picture of my gallery wall in your series :)

    Thanks Katja!

    Awww, thanks Kelly! You're so sweet :D

    Thanks Melissa! I thought the room looked bigger too! Isn't that crazy?!

    Thanks Shannon! The show is always at the end of January/beginning of February so I'll be on the look out for your blank check then ;)

    Thanks Kenz! If I lived closer to you guys, I'd totally surprise you with an office makeover before the baby comes! :)

  9. Such a fun space! Love the details! xo Kristin

  10. So gorgeous! It's amazing to see the before and afters of the room. Seriously incredible job Caitlin! I am going to convince you to fly out and style my office/craft room when we finally finish the upstairs.

  11. Love the office makeover. Where did u get that lamp. Love it. I'm actually redoing my office room as well.

  12. Your office looks lovely! Question for you, I also have a Mac monitor (Thunderbolt display) which I love. I'm considering the Josephine desk from World Market but was concerned it plus the Thunderbolt display would make the monitor too high and cause neck strain. How do you find your set-up? Is it comfortable? Weird question, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks so much!

  13. Whoa this is majoooor style! You are so talented. Your graphic design background really shows through into your interiors! Great job gurl <3
    Also is the blue horn a nod to How I Met Your Mother?? :)


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