September 12, 2013

Sidelight Fabric Choices

Now that I've finished updating the back of our front door, I'm turning my attention towards it's neighbor: Mr. Sidelight.

I plan on making a pelmet box to cover the wooden valance and to give the window some extra visual height but I'm having a hard time choosing the fabric for it. You guys were such a huge help in picking our interior door color so I'd love it if you could help me choose a fabric too!

I've narrowed my choices down to 3 fabrics I had in my mini fabric stash but I'm open to any suggestions you might have!

I'd like to keep the fabric choice pretty neutral since I'm still thinking about curating a very tall, very vertical gallery wall in our stairwell and the artwork will most likely be colorful. I also have this piece of colorful art hanging in our foyer and the fabric will need to mesh with it too:

Option A is an abstract floral print fabric:

Here's a Photoshop mock up of how it would kind of look above the window:

Option B is a black and white buffalo check fabric:

Here's another mock up for you:

Option C is a charcoal gray fabric that has thin white pinstripes running through it:

Here's how it looks Photoshopped above our window:

Here's how all of the fabric choices look with the existing art and our navy door:

What do you think? If you like option A, vote A in the poll below. Fans of option B, vote B. Team C, vote for…wait for it…C ;)

Which fabric would you choose?

The poll will be open until 8 PM Saturday night. If you'd prefer to voice your opinion over taking the poll, let me know which option you like the most in the comment section below!

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  1. Ha, I think I'm the only one that clicked B.

  2. i like all the fabric, but i think 1 works best with the navy door.

  3. I like C but I don't hate any of them. Keep in mind, I'm boring.

  4. I picked C only because I have a weird thing about black and navy together (as in I can't seem to do it!). If you could find A in navy then I am all over it...or gold, if you could find A in gold then I am REALLY all over it!

    1. Ok, I can't leave well enough alone! Have you considered velvet? What about a really pale velvet? It wouldn't distract from your amazing door, but would add a bit of texture. Something like this:
      Feel free to tell me to jump in a lake....just thought I'd throw it out there (I am velvet obsessed and haven't found a way to use it yet!)

  5. Full disclosure I voted for A but would be equally happy with B. #2cents

  6. I would go with A because it is the smallest amount of heavy black...not sure I am liking the navy black together especially since I dont see any navy in the artwork...might consider a solid with a black braid trim or, better yet, nailhead trim.

  7. I like A the best, but not with the painting. C is a cohesive choice.

  8. I voted for A but I'm not mad atcha if you pick C. Or b . :)
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  9. I'm in the minority, but I really love B!

  10. I am late to the party, I think. I didn't have a voting option, but I see that my favorite, A, is in the lead :)


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