September 16, 2013

Sidelight Pelmet Box

138 of you voted and 52% of you chose...

Fabric option A as the winner for our sidelight's pelmet box!

I'll be honest and say that I was rooting for option C, the charcoal pinstripe, but you guys saw something in A that I didn't see and I'm happy I asked for your opinion because I love how it looks!

I wouldn't call this an official DIY tutorial (there's much better ones out there, trust me) but I will walk you through some of the steps I took to make our pelmet box.

I started with the following supplies:
  • A cutting mat
  • A piece of foam board
  • A ruler
  • An X-acto knife
  • A pen
  • A tape measurer

I also used some duct tape, batting, and the abstract floral fabric.

I started by measuring the width of our sidelight window (17") so I could figure out how wide I wanted to make our pelmet box (20").

My piece of foam board happened to be 20" wide so I measured down 12" (the height I wanted our pelmet box to be) and drew a line:

I cut the piece out using my X-acto.

Tip: score your foam board a few times by barely putting any pressure on your X-acto before making your final cut. If you try and cut the foam board in a single, deep pass, you'll end up ripping the foam out of the edges of the board resulting in a jagged edge.

I wanted the pelmet box to be 2" deep so I measured out 2, 2" sides on a piece of scrap foam board and cut those out:

I duct taped the sides of the pelmet box to the front of it:

I placed the edge of the side piece on the back of the front piece and duct taped both the inside and outside edges so the sides of the pelmet box would be stable:

I cut some batting down to size and started wrapping my pelmet box in it:

I used duct tape to secure the batting because the staples I have for my staple gun are too long and when I tested them to see if I could use them, they went right through the piece of foam board and stuck out about 1/8". If you have shorter staples, feel free to use them instead of duct tape!

I secured the abstract fabric using duct tape as well:

I don't have any steps of the "upholstery" (I use that word very lightly) process because I was winging it the whole time, folding here, cutting there, taping here, etc. Let's just say it's duct taped within an inch of it's life haha Admittedly it's not very professional but I'm using foam board after all so I think all chances of professionalism were thrown out the window in step one!

To hang the pelmet box, I stuck a Command strip as close to the edge as I could on the back of each side:

I removed the paper backing of the Command strips, lined the pelmet box up with my placement markings and stuck it to the wall:

If your pelmet box is larger or heavier, a Command strip may not work for you. Ours barely weighs anything so I thought I'd give the Command strips a shot and so far, so good!

The pelmet box is far from perfect but I think it looks pretty good!

You can kind of see the Command strip from the side but I don't think the average Joe would notice it unless I pointed it out to them:

Ready for some before and after's?

Here's how the pelmet box looks from our loft:

Here's a side-by-side comparison:

I lined the window up in the same spot in Photoshop so you can see how much of a difference the pelmet box makes! Pretty crazy, huh?

What do you think of our pelmet box? Were you part of the 52% who voted for the abstract floral fabric choice?

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  1. I love the height it brings to the window next to the door. It brings everything into balance. I really love that. It looks great!!

    1. Thanks Katja! I like how everything is balanced now too :)

  2. love it- that's the one I voted for and you did a great job putting it together! :)

  3. duct tape and command it. It looks great! The majority was right. :)

  4. I was a C voter but this turned out really cute!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I'm sure I'll find another use for C soon :)

  5. Yay for A! I busted out laughing when I saw the duct tape. We must be kindred hearts ;)

  6. I was rooting for C, but I really like how this turned out. It goes really well with the art. LOVE IT!

  7. I really need to copy this for a couple windows in my house...pure genius! It looks amazing!

  8. So cute! And a great way to hang it! I voted for option "C", too ;) but this looks great!

    1. Thanks Shannon! "C" will make an appearance soon, I'm sure ;)

  9. Great choice! I would have had no idea that was made with foam core and tape! It looks awesome!!!!

  10. This looks great! And I never knew you could make this with foam core. Genius.

    1. Thanks Kim! I can't take credit for the foam core idea but I'm happy someone else thought of it :)

  11. It seriously dresses up that window so much! It makes the whole space look more complete. I know that sounds weird, but I think drapes have the same effect on rooms.


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