October 25, 2013

DIY Gold Leaf Feather Art

My modern & fresh fall home tour is on Sunday and I'm so nervous! I've been working on fallifying our home for the past couple of weeks but I have so much left to do! Anyone feel like coming over to help me? :)

I've never decorated for fall before so I'm trying to work with what I have instead of buying a bunch of new things I'll have to find storage space for. I wanted some fall-ish art for our dining room's console table but I couldn't find anything I loved so I made some Wednesday night!

Psst: sneak peek alert ;)

I started by printing out a feather illustration I sized to 5" x 7". I printed it out in gold so it would match the gold leaf in case I missed a few spots:

I gathered my gold leaf supplies and got to work!

I applied the gold leaf's adhesive size (AKA glue) to my feather using the angled brush shown above.

I did my best to stay within the print but the brushes tip wasn't thin enough so some glue got a little crazy and spread past the print.

As soon as I finished applying the glue, I placed a piece of gold leaf over the print and gently smoothed it out. This isn't always the case though! Typically you'll need to wait until your adhesive size goes from milky white to clear before applying your gold leaf but my adhesive size was drying fast so I didn't wait at all.

I waited a little bit before removing the excess gold leaf.

I used a soft bristled brush to remove the extra pieces around the feather's edges.

I had to do a few touch ups but once those were finished, I placed my new art in my thrifted floating frame:

The finished result is a little different from the original print due to some glue mishaps but I like how it turned out! I especially like how the gold leaf shimmers when the light catches it :)

If you'd like to make a gold leafed feather of your own, you can download a 5x7 version of the feather here. I've also made an 8x10 version which you can download here.

Don't forget to stop by on Sunday to see my fall home tour! :)

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  1. This is so pretty! Love it and thanks for sharing a printable with us. Can't wait to see your tour!

  2. this is super cool and unique!!!! and gorgeous, too!

  3. So fun! I actually went to Michael's yesterday and stared at the gold leaf...and thought of you. "I wonder what brand Caitlin uses??" So thanks for showing me the pictures of the supplies! Of course, in the end, I was too cheap and ended up with sharpie paint pens instead!

    1. You're welcome! I think that gold leaf pack was $10 but I had a 40% off coupon. It comes with 25 sheets and I probably have about 15 left! The stuff lasts forever!

  4. pur-ty! You are killing it with all these DIY's lately! xo Kristin

  5. i want to try this gold leaf shenanigans!! looking fwd to your home tour...its going to be gorg!

  6. Love this! (just like everything else you do.) Can't wait for your tour!

  7. It's gorgeous...like always, I'm loving your project! I can't wait to see your tour!!! :)

  8. This turned out so well! I need to gold leaf something!

  9. Beautiful!! Can't wait to see the whole home tour!

  10. very nice! you do amazing things with gold :). looking forward to the home tour!

  11. THAT is beautiful. Seriously. Gorgeous.
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  12. I had to try this when I saw it. It was just too gorgeous! Although I used liquid leaf instead of gold leaf. It turned out perfect! But with one less step. Thanx. My husband loves it!!!


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