November 13, 2013

10 Handmade Gift Ideas

In case you haven't noticed, Christmas is sneaking up on us. It's 6 weeks away from today to be exact. I know, I can't believe it either!

To get me in the gift giving/making spirit, I've rounded up 10 handmade gift ideas you can make from my tutorials. All of the gift ideas cost less than $10 (except for the gold leaf agate slice coasters that cost around $20) and can be made in an afternoon!

10 Handmade Gift Ideas

DIY Dip Bowl Succulent Planters
Great gift for the neighbor on your list!

DIY Snakeskin Napkin Rings
Great gift for the hostess on your list!

DIY Faceted Concrete Candleholder
Great gift for the brother on your list!

DIY Spiked Sculpture
Great gift for the decorator on your list!

DIY Gold Leaf Feather Art
Great gift for the friend on your list!

DIY Gold Leaf Agate Slice Coasters
Great gift for the sister on your list!

DIY Faux Malachite Boxes
Great gift for the mom on your list!

DIY Wood Slice Mirror
Great gift for the daughter on your list!

DIY Marble Napkin Rings
Great gift for the entertainer on your list!

DIY Pyramid Stud Vase
Great gift for the co-worker on your list!

Have you started your Christmas gift shopping/making?

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  1. you can give me any of these and i will be happy. ;)

  2. I love the napkin rings, and the candle holders, and the succulent pot. awesome suggestions! :)

  3. Love all these! I still need make something out of concrete. :)

  4. All great ideas! Everyone's countdown for Christmas is my countdown for baby... and that freaks me out! I need to get a move on with Christmas gifts!

  5. These are all AWESOME. I am just blown away by your creativity!

  6. You are amazing. All of these are awesome ideas and look like something store-bought.

  7. All these gifts are so amazing. Everyone would love these. I have my eye on the green boxes :) They are so beautiful :)

  8. these are so awesome! I need to get to work on making some stuff or it's never going to happen

  9. I'm so late to the party commenting on this, but these are all GREAT! I especially have a soft spot for the malachite boxes!! Pinning :)


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