December 23, 2013

Best of 2013: Before & Afters

Before the holiday mayhem begins, let's take a moment to look back on 3 of my favorite before and after projects of 2013!

3. Our powder room makeover

The changes aren't major (mostly cosmetic) but it's crazy to see how much different the room looks now:

I think the most dramatic change is our toilet nook area where we built our first set of chunky wooden floating shelves:

2. Our geek chic office makeover

Here's where we started after I cleared out my hoard:

Here's where we ended up:

1. Our Big Bang Theory inspired front door makeover

Which makeover was your favorite?

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  1. Don't make me pick a favorite ;) I love them all!

  2. The powder room was new to me, so I liked it best for that reason. Having seen the Big Bang tutorial, I can appreciate the front door knowing how much work went into that project. It all looks amazing, Caitlin!

  3. love love your bathroom makeover! Those chunky shelves, the mirror, the styling, perfection!

  4. I love them all. You're the queen of styling!

  5. that door is one of my favorites, but i love it all!!!!

  6. I think those are my favorites too. I am so in love with your front door. Looks so good!!

  7. ooh, I don't think I'd seen/noticed your bathroom mirror before--love it! Apparently I was always distracted by my love of your shelves ;)

  8. I simply cannot pick a favorite!! It's definitely a tie between the office and your door!

  9. They're all so great! I think the powder room was my favorite : ]

  10. Love your style. I'm all over that office!

  11. I loved your office makeover. It was such a huge transformation and so much styling inspiration in there. GREAT stuff! The door makeover was genius. Pure creative genius that I love about your blog and style! I love your mirror in the powder bath. I need one!

  12. I'm caught between the mirror, the office, the shelves and the door. Oh wait, that's everything haha can't choose!


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