January 8, 2014

Army Green Guest Bathroom

Thank you to Wagner Spraytech for sponsoring this post and providing us with their SMART Mini Roller to use for this project. All ideas and opinions are my own.

I present to you, our army green guest bathroom!

The exact color is Basque Green from Sherwin Williams and it was mixed in their line of HGTV Home's semi-gloss paint.

It's amazing and I looovvveee it!

I looked at and even sampled several different army/olive greens before deciding on this one.

I was really worried that the room would feel like a cave after it was painted but it doesn't at all which I'm so thankful for because I didn't want to repaint it haha

I can't explain how it looks in person but it's delicious! It's kind of dark and sexy in a weird way haha

My boyfriend even loves it which is fantastic because he looked at me like I had grown 3 heads when I told him my plans and when he saw the samples!

Here's an accurate representation of how dark it actually is next to our shower surround:

I was really worried it was going to look more like pea soup after I had cut in and was starting the first coat:

It may have been the lights or the light paint color showing through but it was also looking very grass green in some places in the beginning.

Like all of the samples? I had a hard time picking this color. Turns out greens are just as hard to pick as grays and whites are!

I didn't have a hard time painting though because I recently partnered with Wagner and they sent me their SMART Mini Roller to get the job done!

One thing I really liked about the tool was the fact that the instructions were right on the handle! How smart is that?! I don't know about you but I'm forgetful. I can never find where I put instructions to things and half of the time I end up throwing them out on accident so I can see this little sticker being very handy in the future!

I started using the SMART Mini Roller by twisting the top roller portion off of the bottom handle part so I could get ready to fill it with paint.

This little adaptor makes the filling process so easy!

All you have to do is twist it into the top of the handle like so:

This releases the handle pull at the bottom (seen above) and basically turns the roller into a giant paint syringe.

To fill the roller with paint, you insert the fill adaptor into your gallon (or quart or pint) of paint:

Then you pull on the handle and watch the tube start to fill up!

When the tube is full (you'll know it's full when you can no longer pull on the handle), you remove the fill adaptor from the paint.

NOTE: see how I got paint on the angled black piece of the tool? You're not supposed to insert the fill adaptor that far into the paint! In my defense, I was working alone so I was trying to fill the mini roller while also taking progress photos and I accidentally dipped the tool too far into the paint. Whoops!

Anyway, after you remove the fill adaptor from the paint, you carefully turn the mini roller right side up so the adaptor is back at the top. Then you twist the fill adaptor off, remove it from the mini roller, and clean it up for your next use. Make sure you don't drip paint everywhere like I did! Well actually, make sure you don't dip it too far into your paint first and then you shouldn't have this problem ;)

After the mini roller was full of paint, I twisted the roller back in place and got to work!

To get the paint onto the roller, you simply squeeze the black handle grip seen above until paint starts to come through like so:

Once your roller is loaded with paint, you can start painting!

Instead of having to make multiple trips to the paint tray, you simply give the handle a squeeze or two when your roller starts to run dry and continue painting. The handle won't allow you to squeeze it anymore when you run out of paint so you know it's refill time.

The entire first coat of paint took 3 mini roller refills and saved me so much time because I wasn't having to constantly go up and down the ladder to refill my roller.

Why does the first coat of paint always look so awful? Yuck!

Anyway, after the first coat was dry, I started my second coat. I did things differently the second time around by focusing on one section at a time. I cut in as I went instead of cutting in the entire room first and then rolling the entire room second.

I didn't have to do a full third coat but I did have to go over a few areas because the original white paint was still showing through. I don't think that's the mini roller's fault though because I had the same issue when we painted our office and powder room. I think it's our textured walls that makes it hard to get paint in all the nooks and crannies.

I let everything dry for 24 hours before removing the tape and doing touch ups.

We haven't brought anything back into the room yet but here's a few before and after's of the paint change:

I really, really love this color. Have I mentioned that yet? ;)

So good! So green!

What do you think of our army green guest bathroom? Have you ever used a paint tool like Wagner's before?

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  1. I'm with Cassie! I'm also digging that mini roller!

    1. Thanks Michelle! The mini roller is the best thing to happen to painting!

  2. Such a drastic change - looks great! As always I can't wait to see how you accessorize it. One question on the mini roller ... how easy/difficult was it to clean up afterward?

    1. Thanks Rebecca! The clean up was pretty easy. We cleaned the fill adaptor piece separately each time after we filled the handle with paint. To clean the paint out of the main handle, we filled a large cup with water and placed it in our tub. We removed the roller brush part and stuck the top of the handle (where you'd attach the fill adaptor) into the cup of water and pulled the handle to fill it with water. Then we plunged the handle back down to shoot the water out. We repeated that step several times until the water was no longer coming out green.

      The tool actually comes with a hose adaptor to clean the roller part so we attached the adaptor to the bottom of the roller's base (where it attaches to the handle) and turned the hose on. We pumped the handle (like you would if you were getting more paint onto the roller) until the hose water shot through everything and cleaned it right up! I'd say the total clean up time was maybe 20 minutes? Much longer than rinsing a brush or a roller but I think it was worth not having to make the extra trips to refill paint :)

  3. Love love love the color and I need that roller!

    1. Thank you Julia! You should definitely get one – it's such a great tool to have in your arsenal! :)

  4. I love the bold green! It looks great with what's already in there which means it's going to look killer with the design plan you have for that bathroom! Funny story I painted the bathroom of our first house Weezer green…and yes we sold the house with a Weezer green bathroom. :)

    1. Thank you Amber! Weezer Green sounds awesome! I'm going to have to look that up haha

  5. One of my favorite colors! I really love dramatic walls & I think this looks great! I'm excited to see how you pull the room together.

    1. Thank you Shauna! I'm so happy it didn't end up looking like pea soup haha

  6. Wow! Great job Caitlin!! I love how bold and different the color is! Totally dark and sexy! LOL

  7. Ok that mini roller is seriously cool! What a time saver! And the army green is killer.... it makes the bathroom look so mysterious and sexy!

    1. The roller so awesome Emily! And I'm not just saying that because they sent it to me haha I would've picked one up a long time ago if I knew it existed!

  8. What a cool little roller...and such an amazing color! I love how unique it is! :)

  9. What a great color! I love green, but I've been hesitant to paint with it. This definitely has given me the push I need to just go for it! I can't wait to see how you finish the bathroom.

  10. I haven't seen that painting tool before but mama has something for her birthday list! I love saturated colors [although that first coat has to go fast for me or I get cold feet]. My hubby would be all about this color too lol- I always tease him that he only wears black, navy, and army green ;)

  11. LOOOOOVE the color Caitlin. Im a sucker for a dark wall and this does NOT disappoint. Great choice. I love that the paint roller fills with paint at the touch of a button. I can imagine how much time you saved:)

  12. Love that green...really gives the room depth. I am just wondering how it will reflect onto your guest's faces as they try to apply makeup. I guess the right lightbulb will solve that.

  13. love that color! First coats are terrifying, aren't they?!

  14. That army green is going to look so dynamite with black and white accessories! A color combo I love to wear on a regular basis :)

  15. Wow, you don't see that color every day! I LOVE it!!!

  16. I don't think I've ever seen a bathroom this color but I love it! I can't wait to see how you accessorize!


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