January 23, 2014

Guest Bathroom Hardware Fail

I attempted to add the hardware to the doors and drawers of our guest bathroom's vanity Tuesday night. I planned to have them all installed before my boyfriend got home from work so I could show off what I had done and have a blog post up yesterday.

As the post title states, I failed.

If you can't tell from the photo below, the screw head broke off of the screw I was screwing into the pilot hole I had made which left the bottom pointy portion of the screw stuck in the drawer front. Sigh.

The hole is so tiny that I can't stick anything inside of it to try and pry the remaining piece of screw out.

Desperate for a solution, I did a little Googling and came across a suggestion somewhere that said to try drilling into the screw with a drill bit to see if you can get the drill bit stuck in the screw and then reverse it out to remove it. I tried that anddd I broke the tip off the drill bit I was using. I suggest you don't try it either. Needless to say, it wasn't a very good night.

I'm not entirely sure what to do now. A few blogger friends gave me some suggestions (thank you again!) that I plan on trying at some point but right now I'm not ready to jump back on the hardware train. I'm worried I'm going to damage the drawer front to the point where the hardware won't cover the damage.

Speaking of the hardware:

I got polished brass bin pulls for the drawers and polished brass knobs for the doors. I think they'll look nice if I can ever get them attached ;)

Have you ever had a screw break off in something?

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  1. I use a nail to get those pesty screws out.
    Love the brass knobs and pulls.

  2. that has happened to me before and i drilled into the hole with a bit about the side of the screw and just pushed it out the other side.

  3. Ugh, I have a similarly painful story. My husband and I spent 3 days assembling our Ikea Besta TV setup, which was to include the sliding door panels. The tracks for those things are HELL to install, and they have these plastic end caps that screw in with the tiniest, crappiest cheapest screws on the planet. We had one get totally stripped so that you couldn't screw it in or out, and this one tiny screw was holding up the entire installation. We had to buy a hacksaw and blade for cutting metal and we just cut the whole thing off and relied on the second screw to hold the cap in place.

    I think drilling in from the reverse side is going to be your best bet for getting rid of this. I'm confused by what's happening, anyways, since doesn't most hardware install with a machine screw going right through the door face?

  4. For these kinds of holes, I started using an impact drill to drill a little hole (a tad smaller than the screw) then going back with a regular drill to get the screw in. It also helps the wood from splitting which happens occasionally. Good luck!

  5. I am no help on the installation front, but I can say the hardware is going to be PRETTTTY!

  6. I had so much anxiety reading this post. I'm so sorry! I would have been so frustrated. I know I would have just sat on the floor and sobbed. I hope you are able to find a solution because the new hardware is juicy good!

  7. That hardware is beautiful. I would take a drill to that as Cassie said :) Good luck :)

  8. I had a screw break off when I was removing some old cabinets from our kitchen. Luckily the pointy end was sticking out of the wood and I was able to tighten my drill around it. Once I put the drill in reverse it just twisted the remaining part of the screw out.

    I also feel like there was some infomercial drill bit a few years ago. Good luck!

  9. I hate hate hate hate hate when hardware malfunctions and gives me problems! I'm so sorry for your troubles....hopefully you can get that GORG hardware installed ASAP!

  10. good luck! hate it when the "easy" things become problems. hopefully its an easy fix

  11. Love the hardware! It will be on before you know it!

  12. Oh man! That sucks! I would have no idea what to do - I hope you'll share when you figure out how to fix it :) I love the hardware though!!

  13. I have had stripped screws stuck before and I bought a punch at the hardware store - took care of it in two seconds. Hope that helps!

  14. I highly recommend getting a titanium drill bit set. Sorry you ran into this snag :(


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