January 10, 2014

Guest Bathroom Light Options

Now that we've finished painting our guest bathroom, let's talk about lighting options for it!

Our current light looks like this:

It's one of those cheap builder basic ones I'm sure everyone has seen (or maybe had) before.

I'll be honest and say that finding a light fixture I like has been a little difficult! I'm sharing the ones I currently like with you but I am still looking so the one that ends up in the room could be completely different.

Option 1
Feiss Urban Renewal Light

[ Image via Lamps Plus ]

I. love. this. light. I love the open cages, exposed Edison bulbs, and its overall industrial feel. I think the gold would look great against our army green walls and would look great with our chocolate cabinets. We'll be downgrading from 4 light bulbs to 3 but I still think the fixture would give off enough light. The only con is that this light is $300 which is the total amount I was budgeting for the entire room. Do I splurge on it anyway?

Feiss also makes a 4 light version but I don't love how the bulbs sit horizontally instead of vertically like the one above:

[ Image via Lamps Plus ]

What do you think about it?

Option 2
Possini Euro Bennett Light

[ Image via Lamps Plus ]

I like the darker finish of this light but I'm not wild about the big box in the middle. I know it's to cover the electrical box in the wall but it just looks odd to me. That being said, I think this light would look great with our cabinets. It's also 30" wide (the 3 light Feiss one above is only 21 1/2" wide) so it would probably look more proportionate above a larger mirror.

Option 3
Glomar Odeon Light

[ Image via Home Depot ]

The first thing I would do if I were to buy this light would be to rub and buff the nickel finish gold or spray paint it ORB or some other color. I think the nickel is going to be too cold in our guest bathroom but a gold finish would warm things up nicely! Is it too plain/sterile looking or just very modern? I can't decide.

Option 4
Tech Angular Light

[ Image via Lamps Plus ]

I really like how different this light is. The exposed Edison bulbs would give off a ton of light and the angled arms are really funky! The ORB finish would tie into our black and white artwork as well as our pipe shower curtain rod. It's a bit risky but I think bathrooms are boring as it is so a little risk would be nice for a chage!

Option 5
Hinkley Miley Light

[ Image via Lamps Plus ]

This light is on the smaller side like the first Feiss one is but I like the gold finish and how the middle light helps disguise the electrical box cover. I like how modern it is and how the frosted shades would diffuse the light.

I've pinned a couple of other lights to my "New Home" Pinterest board if you'd like to see those to!

Which light would you choose?

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  1. Dang it you can't vote for two but I like 1 and 5.
    On another note, I have been looking for a modern (not too shiny) gold faucet that is affordable. No luck yet.

  2. i voted for 1 but am with julia that 5 was a close second!

  3. I really like 1 (because I also have extremely great (wait, expensive, taste) but I know you are leaning towards 4 and it just looks like your style so that's my vote!

  4. That first one is my fave!! That's my vote! xo K

  5. I have a very real thing about LIGHTS. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lights. You'd never know it to see my house, but I can spend HOURS looking at them. But we did JUST change our our own master bath lights 2 weeks ago from the same builder bar, except that ours had 8 lights across. We ended up with a much smaller (4 light) fixture and we don't miss all the additional ones at all. I love VERY funky, so the Tech Angular made my heart skip. But I'm married to someone that doesn't have a funky bone in his body. So we agreed on something along the line of the Hinkley Miley. Ours gave us the option of pointing the lights up OR down. Two thoughts I considered was that lights pointing up MAY not give off acceptable lighting, especially since we were going from eight lights to four. AND I was soooooo sick of the GLARING-NESS of the exposed bulbs of the builder bar light. So even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE the funky....I probably wouldn't have picked it due to the exposed bulbs. But this being your GUEST bath, you can probably get away with the funkier and more fun fixtures.

  6. Can I pick 3 of them?!?! I can't decide. I really like 4, but also like 1 & 2. I like 1 & 2 equally. I'm kinda digging the horizontal one though, it's different and unexpected. Have you used Edison bulbs before? My experience so far is that they put off not much light, so keep that in mind and research your bulbs first. We have one over my dining room table and it's so dim. I really need to find a better option but still something that looks fab.

  7. I voted #4, but I really like the first two also!

  8. I really like the first one but I also kinda like the last one. I think you could do something to make the shades look more modern. No matter what you pick it's going to look great. You have enough vision to pull off any of these lights.

  9. I would warn you against Edison bulbs in a bathroom. In such a small space they grow a huge color cast that will mess with the image in the mirror and the wall color.

    Maybe try some Edison bulbs in the current fixture first to see if yiu like the effect????

  10. I actually really love #2 Possini Euro Bennett Light. I love the more modern look and the square fixtures. I think it would go well with the dark green paint as well. For some reason I have been turned off to gold/brass fixtures. Maybe because EVERYTHING in our new house is that color, and I hated it. We even bought new doorknobs for every door (14) in nickel, and I think it makes so much difference lol. We still have to replace the hallway light fixtures, which are weird octagon shaped and I know they painted around them so we will need to get something a little bigger... ugghh decisions decisions... Can't wait to see your final choice! Browsing your pinterest now :-D

  11. I'm pretty sure my eyes popped out of my head when I saw the first one!

  12. Haha, we have that exact same light fixture in our guest bath! I have to say, I am absolutely CRAZY about the Tech Angular light - nuts about it! But what happens to all these fab Edison-bulb light fixtures when incandescent bulbs are no longer available?? Lol, these are the sort of things I think about! Someone please assure me that we won't have to put ugly fluorescents in all our pretty lights:(

  13. All the bathrooms in our new house have horrible overhead recessed lighting. It is so unflattering. Pretty sure my eyebrows are ridiculously overgrown too since I can't see to pluck them! Fun to look at these options, I can't wait to update ours! I'm on the #1 train :)

  14. Eeek! So good. I love the first one the best, but I worry that with the dark paint color, going down in the number of bulbs, and using a bulb that puts out less light than the original ones to boot, you're going to literally be in the dark in there. Is there a light at the shower? If not - double eek! Not to mention that those Edison bulbs do cast a different color light than the original bulbs. (Meaning makeup application = not ideal.) I'm leaning towards #5 with some funky (small round?) bulbs, to fill both the light requirement (important!) and the style requirement (also important!). My two cents, for what they're worth. Cheers!


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