February 28, 2014

February '14 Recap

Happy Friday!

For those of you that are new here (maybe visiting from East Coast Creative or Better Homes & Gardens?) or that may have missed a post, here's what we did in February:

• I shared the accessories I'd like to buy for our guest bathroom

• I turned our guest bathroom's single shower curtain into a double shower curtain

• I added some gold leaf to a pair of agate bookends

• I successfully installed the hardware on our guest bathroom's vanity after failing miserably the first time

• I hung some art in our guest bathroom

• I found out I was a finalist in Better Homes & Gardens' first-annual blogger awards (Voting ends March 5th!)

• I made a set of agate slice wall hooks for my second contributor project at East Coast Creative

I feel like February was a slow month but I think I say that every month haha I was sick for half of it though so I'm using that as my excuse!

Next month, friends! Next month is when things start to get interesting around here! I hope... :)

What was your favorite post from this month?

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  1. You know what may faves are -- those agate projects! Love them! Happy Weekend Caitlin :) xo K

  2. You had the most amazing month here my friend! Congrats again!

  3. what a great month! those hooks you did blew my mind!

  4. Those hooks are so so gorgeous...AND unique! Love em :)

  5. I think your month was plenty busy :) You got a lot done. Those hooks are so pretty!!!

  6. Still loving that agate. Maybe I'll find some at Homegoods. There's an Ikea trip tomorrow that includes homegoods. But I'd settle for anything Jonathan Adler. Instagram photos are killing me lately.

  7. It was a great month! My fav projects are the ones using the agate. I'm so jealous that you seem come by it so readily! I'm constantly on the lookout for some cheap pieces, but never seem to find what I'm looking for. The gem show you speak of makes my green with envy!

  8. You've had such an amazing month. You are on your way to stardom!


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