February 12, 2014

Guest Bathroom Hardware Success

Last night I finally built up enough courage to re-tackle our guest bathroom's hardware after I failed miserably at my first attempt. My boyfriend helped me this time around and even though this second attempt came with its own set of tiny nightmares, we successfully installed the hardware!

I'm so happy the install is over with but I am rethinking the knobs I added to the cabinet doors.

They look a little itty bitty compared to the bulky bin pulls. What do you think?

I might try and find a lookalike brass version of the LANSA handles from IKEA. If anyone has a source, please send it my way! :)

I do love the bin pulls though!

Remember when I got the screw stuck in the drawer? Well I asked a few friends what to do and one of them suggested that I use a titanium drill bit to drill through the screw and out the other side of the drawer. I was a little skeptical at first but we tried it and it worked! The titanium bit ate through the screw and cleared a nice little path for my new screw to go into. Thankfully we had that trick up our sleeve because we ended up getting another screw stuck in the drawer! Hardware just isn't our thing apparently haha

I love how the brass hardware looks against our chocolate cabinets.

The next item on our bathroom's to do list is a mirror. I've been looking but finding a large mirror that's a minimum of 40" wide for a decent price is pretty hard!

We may end up framing out the basic builder's mirror that was previously in the room because A) it's huge and B) it's free. I just need to figure out how to fit a frame over mirror clips. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. The hardware looks awesome.
    And I have put a frame over mirror clips already in our bar. I used the type of molding that is made out of the molded foamy stuff and you can easily chisel out the areas where the clips are and then it fits right over them. Sorry have no clue what the molding is called ;)

  2. You can have your mirror cut down by a professional company for very little $$. Good luck. I find large framed mirrors on CL all the time. Did you try that?

  3. yeah the knobs needs to be much bigger, they look kinda awkward compared to the pulls.

  4. gorgeous! love the shininess and love the cup pulls! and yeah, i think the knobs look a little tiny, too. i could see you doing some funky geode style knobs there as well.

  5. Glad you got it to work! We've framed two bathroom mirrors both w mirror clips. Wood frame we chiseled off the back a little. Tile frame I just added extra grout around it to make it less pronounced. Both look great!

  6. Ooh, those cup pulls! the brass looks so good against the dark cabinets! the little ones do look tiny...I wonder if they'd grow on you over time (ha! grow on you. probably not literally).

  7. I love those bin pulls to death! I'm thinking larger knobs would look nice on the doors though. I'm planning on doing bin pulls & knobs in our kitchen and I hadn't thought about the scale of the two together, so now I will take that into consideration as well! Those Ikea handles would be killer in brass!

  8. ooo that hardware is dreamy! i;ve never framed a bathroom mirror...however that is my plan for our guest bath...because we already have it. Someday!

  9. So pretty! Those bin pulls are amazing! Good luck with your mirror...I'm sure you will find the perfect solution! :)

  10. Love the pulls. And I agree, the pulls sorta dwarf the cabinet knobs. May be something to keep in the back of your mind since they're still functional as-is.

  11. That hardware is so yummy looking! LOVE it! I'm glad you figured out a solution :)

  12. definitely need bigger pulls.

    you can find the brass ones like the Ikea ones here:


    I'm putting them in my bathroom soon :) They come in different sizes, too


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  13. Ooh, I love the big pulls! I agree with you...the knobs look a little unbalanced. Overall, the room is looking great!!

  14. I loooooove the pulls. They look so great. I don't hate the knobs, but I sort of agree that they look small in comparison. But those pulls are show-stoppers.

  15. Great choice on the hardware! Especially love those cup pulls!

  16. They are so pretty!! I'm glad you got them on!!

  17. Looks gorgeous! I have a question- do our cabinet pulls need to be the same finish as our faucet? For instance, I LOVE the ones you have, but I don't know I've ever seen a faucet this color. Thoughts?


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