March 14, 2014

Living Room Curtains

The windows in our living room are no longer naked!

I had planned to have this post up on Wednesday but we ran into a few issues. The first one happened when we were hanging the large curtain rod above our arched window.

I'm not sure if you noticed but it's much higher than the rod in our (fall) dining room. Sidenote: we plan on raising that rod and our sliding glass doors' rod this weekend.

My boyfriend had started to screw the pipe on the left side into the center pipe tee when the flange that the pipe tee was connected to ripped out of the the wall, anchors and all. We're not entirely sure what went wrong but it wasn't a pretty situation.

We couldn't hang the center flange/tee in the same spot due to the damage so our only option was to raise or lower the curtain rod. I opted to raise it up to 2" from our 10' ceilings so our 118" drapes would kiss the floor and no hemming would be needed (or so I thought).

Hanging the curtain rods that high was a little difficult but we got it done around 2 AM Tuesday morning. I started to hang the curtain rods after work Tuesday night when we ran into our second issue.

Two of the curtain panels were about 5" too long (no biggie, I can hem them) while the other 4 panels were about 2 1/2" too short! They looked like flood pants! It was almost 1 AM when this happened so I decided to go to bed.

I shopped our house the next day and was able to take the curtains from our office for the one of the small windows in our living room. I'll replace our office panels with a pair of the ones that are 2 1/2" too short since our office's ceiling height is 9' instead of 10' like our living room. Hopefully the remaining panels we have will be long enough for our dining room window when we raise it's curtain rod this weekend!

Long story short, they're up and we're in love!

Just for fun, here's what the windows looked like at Christmas when we didn't have curtains:

They look so much bigger!

Now we need to address the wall behind our TV. I'm thinking about adding a gallery wall, maybe something like this:

Now if only my Photoshopped version would come to life over night haha

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  1. they add a touch of elegance to the room- perfectly done, my friend!

  2. Ugh I hate when stuff like that happens and throws everything off. They look amazing though!

  3. *sigh* So pretty. Can i come live with you?

  4. I love those curtains. It looks so great with contrasting rods. Beautiful!!

  5. Oh wow - the curtains make a HUGE difference! The curtains make the room look so polished - I don't look at the before photo and think that anything's missing, but then I see the after photo and go: "Wow! Those curtains are perfect!" :)

  6. love how high you hung them, it makes such a big difference!

  7. The windows look so much more finished! I was planning on leaving ours without treatments but these look so gorgeous! Can I ask where you found these? I've been striking out on buying curtains lately. Been buying them online and they turn out so cheap looking when they arrive.

  8. they sure finish off the room. I might suggest adding a cobalt blue edging to the leading edge or to the hem to tie it all together and make them stand out from the white walls and blinds.

  9. Ooo, very pretty. Fancies the room right up!

  10. looking good! and I like that shopped geometric heart too :)

  11. You're right - they really open things up. And that gallery wall practically makes the TV disappear, or at least makes the TV look purposeful. Do it, do it!

  12. Curtains make such a difference, its unbelievable! Love those tall ceilings and how the curtains really make the windows look so much taller and better!

  13. it looks beautiful! its crazy how different it looks. Great job.

  14. It's such a truth that hanging curtains always is more complicated than expected. But they look amazing! Your windows are dressed beautifully.

  15. Gorge! Are these the same Ritva curtains you put in the bathroom?

  16. I'm always amazed at how much curtains change the entire feel of a room. It looks so finished! Love that you hung them so high. It makes it windows looks big and opens that whole room up. Take advantage of those high ceilings!

  17. Would you mind sharing where you got your curtains and curtain rod from? Thank you!

    1. Hi Michelle! The curtains are from IKEA. They're the Ritva curtains in white. We made the curtain rods out of plumbing pipe supplies. Here's the tutorial for the same type of curtain rod we made for our office:


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