March 28, 2014

Spring Front Patio

After a bit of trial and error (and 4 trips to Home Depot), we finally got our lion head door knocker hung up!

It looks a little small on our massive door but I like the size. It has extra room around it for holiday wreaths!

I love how the brassy finish looks on our orange door!

Remember when we had our Crate & Barrel Dundee planters on the patio?

Well we ended up moving them off of the patio because the spineless yucca wasn't getting enough sun and was starting to die.

I think we need to move the planters even further out into our front courtyard but I'm not sure what will take their place. I kind of like the mini privacy barrier they create.

Question for those of you that have door knockers: did you caulk the edges where it meets the door so no rain can get behind it? Ours is flush with our door but we get crazy monsoon storms in the summer (it literally rains sideways) and I don't want to run into any mold issues.

Anyway, in addition to our new door knocker, we also added a plain coir doormat that I'm still trying to think of a saying for:

I was thinking of making a knockoff of Reed Wilsons' HOLLA doormat but it's not very fitting for our home since we never say "Holla" haha "Welcome" seems too boring.

I think our patio is looking pretty good but I'd like to update our front door's hardware someday. I'm thinking of getting this Weslock set from Home Depot. Here's a Photoshopped image of it on our door:

I think it looks pretty good! Much more modern :)

What do you think of our spring patio?

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  1. love how fresh and modern your entry is! those chairs are perfect! and of course la la la la love the lion.

  2. Looking good! Love that door knocker! I agree that hardware would be PERFECT... I'm a little boring. I'd just do something like "Hi!" on the doormat. Either that or "abandon all hope, ye who enter here." I can't decide ;)

    1. Okay, I'm a cheeky person, so I meant that I'd do the second one as a joke for my own home. It occurred to me that one could read that as me insulting your home, somehow, so I wanted to cover my bases & explain! :P

  3. Such a great updated and fresh look. I love it! I really like that hardware you picked, but that door knocker is so awesome.

  4. Lookin' great! And yes yes yes to that hardware! What about "Home, Sweet!" or the standard "Home Sweet Home" in a modern font or "Oh Hey!" Apparently I think I'm a copywriter today. Feel free to ignore me haha.

  5. Love the knocker on the door! It's perfect!

  6. Love it! So pretty and fierce. And I actually think the size is spot on. I've always wanted to do 'hola' but ... we speaky spanish over here lol.

  7. The door hardware is wonderful--slim but strong looking and even tho it's modern it looks like it's been there from the first day. Small changes can make a big difference. Love it all.


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