April 2, 2014

Gallery Wall Art Options

I've been thinking about what pieces of art will be included in the future gallery wall that will go behind our TV ever since we hung the curtains in our living room.

Here's a few of the options I'm considering:

Note: All images shown above are property of the respective artists. I claim no ownership.

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1. I love these fancy feet :)

2. I just got the 16" x 20" version of Britt Bass' Navy Geo print and I'm so in love with it! It's going to be the star of our gallery wall!

3. Skoope Home's sweet "love you this much" print is one that makes you do a double take to see what it says and then makes you smile when you see what it means!

4. I'd love to include The Aestate's lips print on our wall. The watercolor style pairs well with the fancy feet and option 7's gemstone print.

5. I'm a sucker for typography and I love the scratchy, handwritten feel of this "Hip Hip Hoo Ray" poster.

6. Who doesn't like blingy gems?!

7. My boyfriend gifted me Rocket Ink's (now Idlewild's) 2014 Gem and Mineral calendar before it sold out last year. I haven't hung it up yet (hangs head in shame) but I love that the gemstone illustrations can be cut out and framed!

Aside from the Navy Geo print, none of these options are final. I do plan on having a lot of black and white pieces mixed in with a few color pieces though so this is the general look and feel I'm going for!

Have any suggestions for our gallery wall?

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  1. my only thought would be if you watch tv there, avoid something with large scale font- sometimes that can be distracting. I looooooooove those awesome animal feet :)

  2. Oh I just adore the leopard feet and you know I got the lips and love them.
    I think number 2 is a must as well and I'd love it for my home.

  3. Love all of these options.. I say go for it! If I had to suggest something, I would say swap in a print that carried the color of the couch over to the gallery wall for some balance. Hell, even if you didn't do that, it's still a fantastic plan you've got going.

  4. Our gallery wall is all music themed! (Concert posters, tickets, signed albums, that kind of thing!) I love your ideas, and all I can say is stick to some kind of theme, whether it be in content, colours or frames. Something that ties the art together really makes it all work!

  5. These are all fabulous choices! I love those hot lips :) in particular :)

  6. My first reaction: these are so YOU - they all scream "Desert Domecile" style to me! I think they would be fantastic together! I super love the leopard feet :)

  7. Before invisalign I rocked a sweet gap in the front of my mouth so I am all for the lip print! I have been itching to get it for myself, maybe in my future craft room!

  8. I am loving your options! The gems are great...I just bought some cards that I'm going to frame in our hallway when I finally find the motivation to hang some pictures. ;)

  9. I love them all and think they totally go together. I love the idea of layering some behind the TV, too.

  10. You are so much better at planning than I am. I just grab a hammer on a whim and start putting stuff up. It doesn't work as great as your projects. ;)

  11. I adore them all. Like oy vey that's sexy.

    French was not my language in high school okay?

  12. That gem calendar is crazy good! I might need one of those too. Hmm.
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  13. Goodness I love all of it!! It's absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I'd expect to see in a gallery wall you curate!

  14. Ooo, this is gonna be pretty! I'm impressed you can get away with so much pink with your dude!


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