May 5, 2014

Holly & Martin Bentwood Desk Chairs

Thank you to Holly & Martin for sponsoring this post and providing us with their Conbie chairs! All ideas and opinions are my own.

Happy Monday!

Sorry if you saw or got an email about the two random old posts that went live this weekend. I was doing some blog housekeeping and I'm not sure what happened but you didn't miss anything! I hope they're the only old posts that will be republished. If not, bear with me while I fix a few things!

Anyway, let's get to today's post!

Remember our old desk chairs?

They've been replaced with the Conbie chairs from Holly & Martin!

(Please ignore the cord chaos, it's the bane of my existence but I don't have a solution for it.)

I love the organic shape of the chairs. It helps break up all of the boxiness that's happening with our computers, our desks, and the shelves behind our desks.

I also love how the chairs tuck under our desks:

Our old chairs had arms which made them stick out into the room. It didn't bother me at first but maneuvering around them was annoying at times.

I wanted to replace our old chairs because they were never meant to be our desk chairs in the first place. We purchased them for the outdoor dining area that we're planning to add to our backyard (as soon as our money tree sprouts).

I brought them up to our office to see how'd they'd look with our desks even though I knew they wouldn't be staying. Needless to say, I was very excited when Holly & Martin contacted me to see if I'd like to review one of their products!

The shape of the chair allows it to flex a little bit when you sit back and isn't as stiff as our old metal chairs were. Huge bonus!

The chairs also have a curved back which kind of cradles your upper body and gives it a tiny hug :)

They also have a sloped seat which makes sitting for long periods of time a lot more comfortable than our old chairs!

What do you think of our little chair switcheroo?

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  1. love the new chairs! it is a major pet peeve of mine when chairs stick out in my home! other people's don't bother me, but mine will drive me batty.

  2. Totally perfect! Love that they have a little higher back too!

  3. So sweet- I love you found ones with the same pop of color :)

  4. these look great! I've got a post about how I hide all the wires in our movie room... they sell these paintable cord hiding things at best buy (and probably Amazon too) in all sorts of widths:

  5. That's awesome they have the same color. I have chairs like those in my kitchen that were just cheapies from Target.

  6. This is super pretty. That color is perfect. I love how you kept the color that worked and switched out for a better functioning chair. Looks awesome.

  7. Fun fun fun! I'm glad they have the same awesome color - it works so well in your office! The new ones do look much more comfortable!

  8. Love it! Love the pop of color. I am building an office out of our guest bedroom and taking ideas.. this is a keeper!

  9. Great update! I love that they are still the same color and the chairs look pretty sturdy (which doesn't always seem to be the case for that design).

  10. Love the new chairs! I have the same chairs as your old ones and it is indeed frustrating how the arms mean you can't push them under a table!

  11. LOVE the new chairs! So great that you could have the same color in a different style chair.

  12. LOVE the new chairs! So great that you could have the same color in a different style chair.

  13. Those are sleek! Great choice, especially with that color!


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