May 26, 2014

HomeGoods Sabine Floor Lamp Knockoff

Happy Memorial Day!

How was your weekend? My mom and I made our weekly trip to HomeGoods on Friday where I spotted this gorgeous floor lamp:

Even though I liked it, I ended up leaving it behind. "So how is it in your living room?" you're asking? Well, my mom surprised me with it!

She said she needed to borrow a paint tray and liner and stopped by to pick them up. She was going to put them in her car when she asked me to come look at something. That "something" was my floor lamp!

How is it the "deal of the year"? Well, HomeGoods had it priced at $99 with the "compare at" price of $200.

The tag said Drexel Heritage so I Googled "Drexel Heritage floor lamp" to see if I could find out some more information.

My search almost turned out to be a bust until I stumbled up on this pin of my lamp:

The pin lead to a flash site I didn't want to sign up for so I Googled "Sabine floor lamp" instead and BINGO!

[ Image via ARTERIORS Home ]

The lamp is made by ARTERIORS Home and retails for $936!!!!! Well actually ARTERIORS is asking $1,170 for it but other retailers are asking $936 for it. Regardless of how under or over $1,000 it costs I, well my mom, paid $99 for it!!!!!

I'll wait while you catch your breath :)

My lamp isn't the same as ARTERIORS' lamp but it's close! For example, the pins that hold the shade of my lamp in place look like this:

ARTERIORS' pins look like this. They have a twisty knob at the end which my pins lack.

[ Image via ARTERIORS Home ]

Also, ARTERIORS' glass shade is more elongated and tear drop shaped than mine:

I prefer mine :)

ARTERIORS also has a fancy Edison bulb in their lamp and I have an ugly CFL haha I tried using two different versions of Edison bulbs but the bases were too big to slip through the top of my shade so I have to find a skinnier version!

The v-shaped base is almost the same too!

Here's a side-by-side comparison so you can see how the lamps are similar but different:

I'll take my $99 knockoff over the real thing all day everyday :)

Have you found any knockoffs at HomeGoods lately?

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  1. Don't you love when that happens?!?! What a stunner. Greatest mom ever!

  2. WOW! I love your new lamp so much! It's killer! And your mom is so sweet! It sounds like something my mom would do too :)

  3. What a great find. You have such a great mom. That lamp is spectacular. Love it!!

  4. Ummm...amazing. Home Goods is my happy place :)

  5. Home Goods is the best store, EVER. I don't even allow myself to go in there very often because I end up draining my bank account lol.

  6. Great find! I prefer yours too.

  7. Gorgeous!! I absolutely love the lamp! Check etsy for a custom Edison bulb. We ordered some from a seller for a light fixture that is still waiting to be built. Ha! Hope that helps!

  8. Such a great HG find! I love the entire design :) You have the sweetest momma EVER!

  9. What a unique lamp! Great find. :D For a tenth of the cost, I'd take the knock-off too.

  10. WOW what a steal and it is so you. Looks gorgeous in your home.

  11. This could not be more perfect even if it tried. +10 cool points

  12. Arteriors copied this.


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