July 2, 2014

DIY Candleholder Planter

If you've ever wondered about how to plant something in a perforated container, today's your lucky day!

DIY Candleholder Planter

I picked up this snake plant from Lowe's for $7:

Snake plant

The fact that it wants minimal attention and is considered resilient sold me. I also love the sculptural shape of snake plants so that added to the "buy me" factor haha

I also picked up an airtight container at HomeGoods for $7:

HomeGoods airtight container

It met my requirements for the inside dimensions of this candle holder I got on clearance at Target for $10:

Target candleholder

I love the two tone look and the swiss cross cut outs but I'm not much of a candle girl so that's how the planter idea was born!

Target candleholder 2

I'm sure some of you know where this is going so hang in there or scroll to the end while I explain my process ;)

I started by removing the lid of my airtight container:

I opened the latch of the lid and turned it around so I could pinch the two arms in the back until they pulled out of the "M" shaped piece:

I removed the lid and the "M" shaped piece:

Then I removed the remaining silver band:

Voila! Here's my lid free airtight container AKA my new planter:

I grabbed a few handfuls of drainage rock that I had leftover from my DIY crocodile succulent planter:

Drainage rock

I rinsed them off and then I added some to the bottom of my lidless container:

Drainage rock layer

I also added a few handfuls of Miracle-Gro to the top of the drainage rocks because I wasn't sure if there was going to be enough soil in the snake plant's pot:

Miracle-Gro layer

It's hard to see how much I added so here's a rough estimate:

Rock and soil layers

I added about 2" of each layer. Make sure to adjust the amounts of each layer if you have a smaller or larger container!

I unpotted my snake plant after my container was ready to go:

I loosened up the roots and the soil a little before I gently pushed the snake plant down into my container:

Planted snake plant

I added excess soil to the top of the container to fill in some gaps:

Snake plant close up

I slipped my container down into my candleholder and called it a day!

DIY Candleholder Planter After 1

There's plenty of space between the container and the candle holder for me to reach in and pull the snake plant out when it needs to be watered:

Container and candleholder gap

The container is barely visible through the swiss crosses (unless you're up close to it) which is nice!

DIY Candleholder Planter close up

I'm not sure where the planter is going to end up in our house so please ignore the unstyled photos haha

DIY Candleholder Planter After 2

Hopefully the plant is as resilient as the tag says it is!

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  1. It looks great! Love the white and wood of the candleholder turned planter. :)

  2. Very clever! I am so not a green thumb - sounds like I need a snake plant in my life!

  3. That makes a great planter! I do that with my geo utensil holder I got from Target. My orchids are happy in there :)

  4. This is so so beautiful Caitlin. I LOVE this project. I even loved the look of the planter in just the plastic so you could see the roots and all. But of course it's total designer now with all the mini Swiss crosses. Love it!

    Also, your photography in this post: WOW!

  5. this is such a great idea- looks so modern and chic!

  6. fantastic idea! and I have a snake plant too and I haven't killed it yet, so you are probably going to do just fine!! :)

  7. Brilliant! I had to walk away from the ones I saw on clearance [although if I had seen this post...] Ok the only reason I was able to walk away is because there was no white one! haha

  8. Genius! Love those candleholders, and it's even better as a planter!

  9. So cool! I love everything about this. You know I adore crosses and I already like the plant in the clear container too.

  10. Great idea! Perfect to add height to any table styling!

  11. I love this transformation, what a great candle...err plant holder! :)


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