August 20, 2014

DIY Lattice Check Pillow Cover Knockoff

I had originally created these painted pillows for my East Coast Creative contributor project back in May but I thought I'd share the tutorial with you today in case you missed seeing it on EC2's site :)

This project was inspired by LEIF's lattice check cushion, which is sadly no longer available.

[ Image via LEIF ]

I started this project by placing a few pieces of paper inside one of IKEA's Gurli pillow covers to prevent the paint from bleeding through to the other side:

Then I mixed 1 part of black acrylic paint with 2 parts of fabric medium in an old dip bowl:

I covered our dining room table with a layer of kraft paper and garbage bags before taping down my pillow cover:

I measured the width of the pillow case and divided it by 4. I measured the distance between lines and marked them on the garbage bags. I took a level and lined up each line (top and bottom/side to side) and drew guides to follow:

Then I started painting!

My inner perfectionist had a mini panic attack because things weren't perfect. They weren't supposed to be but it was hard to deal with at first!

Painting the fabric became therapeutic after a while though! I did have to remind myself to keep the lines imperfect and not solid which was a little easier said than done haha

After I finished painting the vertical lines, I moved onto the horizontal ones:

After they were completed, it was time to start the diagonal lines:

I started from the left edge:

I made sure to reference an image of the LEIF pillow cover periodically to ensure that my lines were running in the right direction:

When the left side was finished, I started working on the top row and the second to left row:

I painted each diagonal line in each box individually instead of trying to paint one full line.

After everything was painted, I removed the tape that was holding the cover in place. I had planned on painting the edge of the pillow cover gold to mimic LEIF's pillow's piping but I decided against that idea. Instead, I went back and extended each line all the way to the edge of the pillow.

Once the paint had dried, I flipped the pillow over, lined up my marks and painted the back side the same way. I waited 24 hours before turning the pillow cover inside out and ironing it to set the paint per the instructions on my fabric medium's bottle.

The pillows are definitely Monet's haha They look good from far away but they're a bit messy once you get up close!

I like them despite their imperfections! :)

I ended up making a pair of pillow covers which I plan on adding to our couch.

The total cost of my pillows was $15 for the pair (yours may be more depending on where you shop and the supplies you already have):

  • IKEA Gurli pillow covers – 2 at $4 = $8
  • Black acrylic paint – $1 at Michael's
  • Fabric medium – $6 at Michael's
  • Pillow inserts – free, already owned

LEIF wanted $88 for one of their pillows when it was available! I know my pillows aren't exact replica's of theirs (I should have used watercolors) but you can't beat $15 for two pillows!

Have you ever painted on fabric before?

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  1. love how these came out! and i love the price point!

  2. The imperfections are what make them! I love these!

  3. These look so awesome! I painted a few pillows months ago (with those same Ikea fab!), and I STILL use them on a daily basis! Love it!

  4. This is such a good project. The edges of the strokes are perfection!! Love these!!

  5. Love how these turned out! I agree with Katja those edges make the project!

  6. You're so creative. Love these!


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