August 25, 2014

Layered Living Room Rugs

Disclosure: Rugs USA provided me with a rug of my choice, but I was not compensated in any other way. All ideas and opinions are my own.

We updated the rugs in our living room over the weekend!

I talked about wanting to update them back in June when I realized how small our previous rug was.

See how it barely sits underneath the legs of our couch (look at the spot where the couch and white chair legs meet)?

The rug doesn't completely sit under the couch like I had hoped it would (my fault, not Rugs USA's) but the scale is MUCH better for the size of our living room!

While I loved all of the options I was previously considering, I ended up going with a black banded sisal rug from Rugs USA:

As much as I would have loved to sink my feet into a cushy Moroccan rug, the durable natural fibers of the sisal are a better fit for our 3 dogs :)

I love how the black band of the rug ties into the frames of the gallery wall around our TV:

I had planned on layering our living room rugs so I brought our Alvine Ruta rug down from our loft to see how it'd look.

The Alvine Ruta wasn't the rug I was planning on layering over our new sisal rug but I like the look so much that it may end up staying down here haha

I was a little worried that the weight of our furniture would sink into the rug causing those unflattering divots that rugs sometimes get but so far our furniture just sits on top of the rug! Time will tell if it starts to sink in or not.

The best part about our new rug has to be the latex backing which functions as a built-in rug pad!

Our dogs love to run around and tend to use our rugs to stop themselves. Even though we had a rug pad underneath our old rug, we were constantly adjusting it because it slid everywhere. We've had our new rug down for 3 days and it hasn't budged once! Success!

I love looking back at how far our rooms have progressed so here's what our living room looked like before with our old rug:

And here's what it looks like as of yesterday:

You wouldn't think a rug could make that much of a difference but it does! I can't wait to update the rugs in our dining room! We'll be doing the same layered look in there as well :)

What do you think of the layered Alvine Ruta rug? Should it stay or should I find a replacement?

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  1. I love the layered look! and the one you have there looks amazing. It'd be fun to play with putting it on an angle too!

  2. Your living room is drool-worthy! And I LOVE the new rug!!

  3. Looking good. I love those bordered rugs. I wish I wasn't allergic to sisal/jute. Love the yellow as well!

  4. Looks great, you can get those furniture divots out by steaming them with a steam iron and then fluffing up the fibers with your nails once they are dry. And a touch of black always works regardless of your color scheme.

  5. I really love the rug! It changes it a lot. hmmm you bring up an interesting thought with rugs: dogs! So you would recommend a natural fiber one? I like the idea of a soft rug...but sooo impractical with dog hair. Also never get black if your dog has yellow hair!

  6. It looks so good! I love the scale, and I love layering rugs. Great job!

  7. Perfection! Don't you just love Rugs USA!!

  8. The layering effect made for a big change in this space! Love it Caitlin! Great job! Happy Monday! XO

  9. Love the layered look!! Your living room looks fantastic!!

  10. I love the layered look! I want to pull it off with a cowhide, but I don't think it will work with the dogs!

  11. I love the look! I say, it should def stay. I've been so enjoying seeing how this room is coming together.

  12. I love this layered look! keep it!

  13. I love the layered look. And I'm pretty obsessed with that rug from IKEA. I almost get it every time I go. One of these times I need to just do it!

  14. In the process of building a new house so I am on design blog overload at the moment but what I have decided that I want more than anything in my new house is - I want to love every single thing.

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