August 1, 2014

Updated Dining Room

We've made some changes to our dining room!

We didn't do anything major, we just swapped out the art and restyled the console table:

The dining room looked like this before:

Now it looks like this:

We stole the large piece of art from our foyer and I updated the styling of our console table with decorative items I had on hand:

Well, that's not entirely true. I bought the rusted "M" from HomeGoods for $13 and I found the black and white Nate Berkus box on clearance at Target for $7.

I hung the "M" from two clear Command Strips that I stuck onto the glass of our former foyer's art:

The dinosaur skeleton was a Zulily find:

The arms, legs, and tail are posable which fun scenes like this one possible:

The framed art is actually downloadable desktop wallpapers I found at Design Love Fest:

The colorful print with the flowers quote can be found here and the triangle print can be found here.

I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I've "redone" this room.

I can't seem to get it right but I'm happy with the stage it's at now!

Stop by next week to see what we replaced our foyer's art with!

Do you have a room you can't seem to get right?

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  1. Love how he is munching the plant :) Where did you get your giant shell from...I saw one at the flea market last week but it was crazy expensive! Happy Weekend! xoxo

  2. love that dinosaur- I think my brother ending up buying one for his house when you initially posted it on Instagram. it all looks great :)

  3. Totally love that art! And that Dino is so fun!! Love your room. :)

  4. this is so pretty Caitlin. I love that t-rex. So fun. I hope he will pop up lots of places :) Beautiful styling!!

  5. Beautiful styling! And I love how you you posed that TRex - hilarious :)

  6. Love the new arrangement. The dinosaur is the kicker! I recently tried creating a vignette with one of my stuffed animals but my almost four year old keeps pulling it down :P

  7. I love all of your accessories! The art is nice too, I like it this way in your dining room. It makes me want to simplify our gallery wall.

  8. You're like me- always retweaking a spot. Love that art- this space looks a bit more wild and fun now- much more you ;)

  9. Love it! I love how your T-rex has turned friendly :)

  10. Looks good! I love the evolution of a space.

  11. Love that piece of art! It is absolutely gorgeous! This is such a fun styling.

  12. Please tell me where you got your big piece of art?? I have looked all over your blog but can't seem to find the source! I thought for sure you posted it before but I just can not find it!

    Thanks in advance!! BTW, I love your style, and pull inspiration from your blog! Thanks for being awesome!

    1. Thanks Jenna! I got the art from Image Kind:

      I bought the massive size and had it framed locally.

  13. That piece of art always reminds me of Eva Mendez


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