September 23, 2014

DIY Glitter Feather Napkin Rings

Last week I was browsing the Christmas aisle at Michael's when I spotted this glittery decorative pick:

Decorative feather pick

I immediately thought the feather pieces (leaves?) would make a nice set of napkin rings! I wasn't sure if the feather pieces would bend all the way around into a circle but the pick was only $2.99 ($1.80 with my 40% off coupon) so I knew I had nothing to lose if things didn't work out.

Spoiler alert: it worked!

Feather napkin ring

I used a pair of wire cutters to clip the individual feather pieces off of the pick:

Feather pick pieces

I didn't want the glitter to get all over my napkins so I took the feather pieces outside and sprayed both sides with clear lacquer. I let the pieces dry for a few hours before gently curving them into a circular shape.

Curved feather piece

After all of the pieces were curved, I grabbed my hot glue gun and started sticking things together. I applied a generous amount of hot glue to the tip of the feather piece:

Hot glue dab

I placed the stem in the hot glue and held it in place until I felt like it wasn't going anywhere.

Hot glued stem

I added some extra hot glue to the top of the stem just to make sure everything was secure.

Extra hot glue

I repeated the same process for the remaining feather pieces until all of my napkin rings were complete!

Finished feather napkin rings

The insides of the napkin rings are a goopy dried hot glue mess but hopefully your guests won't mind!

Dried hot glue

I love how they turned out!

Feather napkin rings – After 1

The napkin rings are fairly fragile so I had to be careful when I was pulling the napkin through them.

Feather napkin rings close up

They may make an appearance in Friday's fall home tour! :)

Feather napkin rings – After 2

Here's what the back of the napkin rings look like:

Feather napkin rings back

The feathers are fairly seamless and kind of look like a bow from behind!

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  1. so pretty and fun! i love gold glitter and feathers!

  2. What a great idea! These are so festive!

  3. smarty pants--those are awesome!

  4. So stinking cute and easy!!! It's something even I could do! Shopping!

  5. Pretty! And perfect to take you all the way through the Holidays!

  6. I agree with Sarah, perfect until Christmas! So pretty

  7. Those look so good! Absolutely perfect for fall and for a Thanksgiving dinner!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. They look so beautiful against the orange napkins!!


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