September 12, 2014

Laundry Room Light...Fail

Thanks for casting your vote in my lighting options poll! We chose the winning option, World Market's Lotus Pendant.

I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I want to be honest with you: I wish I could be more excited about the pendant. I really love it (REALLY love it) but I'm struggling with it.

Let's talk about the pros for a minute.

The finish of the fixture is beautiful:

The quality is great and the installation was pretty easy.

We were able to swag the pendant over to the center of the room which made me happy!

Anddd that's it for the pros. Let's talk about the cons. Well, I should say con because there's only one but it's a big one: the pendant doesn't give off enough light :(

These next two photos were taken straight out of the camera with the only edit being color correction. I wanted to try and give you a realistic idea of how much light the pendant gives off so you can get a better sense of what I'm talking about.

We're currently using a 60W equivalent LED bulb (which uses 9W). The room isn't a total cave but it could definitely be brighter in there. The best way I can describe it is like a dimmed, moody lounge room at an upscale restaurant only a little brighter. I love our black walls and really don't want to repaint but I don't know what to do.

The pendant is so beautiful and would add a touch of glam to the utilitarian room but it's not as functional as I had hoped it would be. Needless to say, I'm bummed. I know this is a first world problem but it sucks when things don't work out the way you had planned.

I asked my boyfriend what he thought and he said he doesn't think it's too bad considering we only have the light on when we're loading/unloading the washer and dryer. We don't spot clean or iron in the room (it's way too small for that) so we don't need a ton of light in there but I'd like a little more than we're getting.

I'm going to live with things for a few days before I make a decision on whether or not to replace the light. I'm reconsidering CB2's tribe pendant but am looking at other options as well.

What would you do?

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  1. Well, darn! I was in World Market yesterday oogling that pendant.

  2. I would drill a bazillion holes in all the pedals except the ones at the roof. It will let a lot of light through and will gleam off the pedals at the roof too. Not sure what it's made out of but just makes sure to support where you drill so it doesn't bend it out of shape.

  3. well i guess i'm the odd one out because i don't even care about the lotus! i love the CB2 Tribal pendant!

  4. aw, that's too bad! Why can't pretty things always be practical, too?!

  5. ah I would totally go for the tribal pendant. the lotus just doesn't seem to fit I guess? i agree with you. its more of a moody lounge restauranty feel than a functional laundry room. and $50 for the pendant light?! easy peasy!

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  7. I swear I thought the same thing when you posted the poll. I like the lotus a lot but I think you're right. I voted tribal because I thought the big white drum would bounce light off the dark walls better than the other two options. I still like the lotus lamp and think it would look awesome upstairs in your little seating area in your loft space though! (Or any other room that gets a bit more natural light, you have brass accents throughout it seems, which I loooooove.)

  8. I think this is a GORGEOUS fixture.... but maybe notsomuch in this room. I think the black walls call for a really good light source. I voted for the tribal one though, so I may be bias. :)

  9. Oh I am sad - I love that pendant! But...if it's not working, it's not working. Go with your gut.

  10. Man, I wish it didn't have to be like this. As much as I adore that pendant, I agree that it's not perfect for this room. So if I were you, I would replace it with nothing less than something you are head over heels in love with for this room <3

  11. It looks so good and I would install a couple 4" can lights in a hurry for work light - you can get retrofitting cans for about 20 dollars here:, then keep this light for ambient light.

  12. I was wondering if it would be enough light in there, but figured you probably didn't need much. I'm with Katja about the cans although not sure how that effects how the fixture is off centered in the room.

  13. When I painted our windowless half bathroom an almost black color I kept going in there cause I could have sworn the light bulbs were going out---it was just so dark in there! I was amazed how much the walls sucked out all the light. If you want to keep the pendant, you could try adding another mirror or some light colored art. Before you think to swap out the light fixture, you might want to try bringing in a floor light or lamp from another room just to see if more/a different light would make a substantial difference. Good luck!

  14. You should try an LED bulb with higher lumens since they do not use as high of wattage.

  15. Now I'm reconsidering hanging mine. I just want to keep it so badly


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