September 10, 2014

Laundry Room Lighting Options

Let's chat about lighting!

Our laundry room is currently sporting a lovely UFO like light:

It's simple and functional, it's just nothing to write home about.

It's also off-center in the room which drives the OCD side of me a little insane. I'm pretty sure there's a duct running straight through the center of the ceiling though which is why the light is pushed so far to the right.

I'd like any light we replace the current one with to have the ability to be swagged over to the center of the room.

Here's a few comps of the options I'm considering!

Option 1
CB2's Tribe Pendant

I love the graphic print of the tribe pendant's shade. The size is great but the price is even better. It's currently on sale for $49 from $129! The monochromatic palette would allow me to introduce color to other parts of the room, which is something I'm aiming for.

Option 2
World Market's Lotus Pendant

The lotus pendant is highly coveted and is actually unavailable at the moment. Womp, womp. It's the most expensive pendant of the bunch ($99) but I think it'd be worth the wait and the splurge. I'd love to swing by our local World Market to check it out in person!

Option 3
IKEA's Ranarp Pendant

I love the striped cording and the gold shade holder IKEA's Ranarp pendant is sporting. It's industrial look is perfect for a laundry room and it's $39 price tag is the cheapest of the bunch!

Which light would you choose?

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  1. A lot of your photo links appear to be broken!

  2. Thanks for the heads up Jennifer! I just fixed them :)

  3. Looks like my vote is in the bottom!! I like the Ikea pendant, but maybe spray painted gold or black?!

    1. I was thinking it'd look better in a color. Gold would be pretty!

  4. I would say the tribe one because it seems like that's what I should say. I've always loved #2 and #3 though, so it's pretty much a toss up for me at this point. Yep. I'm not help as usual.

  5. Come to Dallas! :) I saw several of the World Market Lotus pendants available in store the other day! :) I love that light but with your room I kinda like the Ikea one more!?!! Can't wait to see what you pick!!

  6. I have the lotus pendant. Didn't hang it up yet though! I love it so much!


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