October 8, 2014

DIY Pyramid Stud Napkin Rings

I had originally created these napkin rings for my East Coast Creative contributor project back in July but I thought I'd share the tutorial with you today in case you missed seeing it on EC2's site :)

I made my napkin rings out of a piece of PVC pipe. I measured the width of my pyramid stud trim (1") and then I marked 4 marks on the piece of pipe:

My boyfriend cut the pipe down to size with our miter saw:

I grabbed some leftover pyramid stud trim that I got from Joann's almost 2 years ago. I had previously used it on my HomeGoods console table makeover, as well as a vase makeover.

I cut the 5 rows of studs into 3 rows:

I wrapped the long strand of studs around one piece of PVC pipe to determine the length of trim I needed for each napkin ring:

I cut 3 more strands out of the long strand for the remaining napkin rings:

I placed a vertical band of super glue on one piece of the PVC pipe (AKA napkin ring) and held the studs in place while they set up:

Note: try not to get super glue on your fingers like I did! It's SUCH a pain to get off your skin!

After the studs had set up in the super glue (a minute or two), I stretched the strand of studs out and wrapped it around the rest of the napkin ring. I placed another band of super glue at the end of the strand and held it in place until I felt like it was safe to let go (about 2 or 3 minutes). I repeated the same process 3 more times until my napkin rings were complete!

My strands weren't long enough to match up in the back so there is a little gap between them but I don't mind it! I can always turn this side to the back of the napkin :)

I waited an hour before taking the napkin rings outside to spray paint them army green:

I love how they look!

I had a hard time choosing a color for them so I may end up making a few more sets.

They're going to be perfect for our fall tablescape and possibly a few Christmas gifts ;)

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  1. these are fabulous and i love the green, too! you are doing the opposite of all bloggers- spraying it something so it is NOT gold! ;)

  2. Love them and that you chose to paint the studs.

    1. Thanks Julia! I really liked the gold but my super glued fingers got gunk all over it so I had to spray it haha

  3. Army green was such an amazing color choice. It really elevates the studs!

    1. Thanks Amy! I'm thinking about making another set in black for a Halloween tablescape :)

  4. Ooooh, I love these! They would look great in any color for so many different occasions.

  5. I love the green! I didn't realize these would be so easy to make!

  6. So smart to use PVC. I actually have tons of this at the barn. I need to try this.


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