October 6, 2014

Swap It Like It's Hot Project Reveal

I was invited to participate in this year's Swap It Like It's Hot event by Charlotte from Ciburbanity and Jessica from Gourley Girl & Guy.

All of the bloggers listed above were given a partner. Our mission was to go out and find something at a thrift store that we could send to our partner and have them transform into something else.

Their projects were revealed last week (go check them out!) but I had a family emergency so I'm revealing mine today.

Carrie from Making Lemonade sent me the cute leather skirt seen below!

I tried a few things (all fails) before attempting to make a leather bottomed clutch. Now, let me preface everything you're about to see/read by saying it didn't work out. I tried making it work but there's many reasons I don't sew and this is one of them haha

Anyway, I gathered my supplies (shown above) and cut out my pieces. If you're wondering, I was basing my clutch off of the cute one Elsie at A Beautiful Mess made! I cut my pieces smaller than hers but you can determine your cuts based on how big you want your bag to be.

I enlisted my mom for help since I don't sew. We started off pretty good! After she sewed these two pieces together, we flipped them so the outside was facing in and then she sewed up the sides.

She sewed the lining together next and then we attempted the zipper. That's where things went wrong. The clutch is nice but we need to get the hidden zipper out!

When everything was said and done, we ended up with this little guy! I probably should have cut the navy pieces a little smaller buuuttt...

I can fold the top over like so!

I tried to keep some of the stitching detail from the skirt on the bottom of the clutch. I really liked it and wanted to incorporate it somehow.

The zipper is hidden in between the navy and white pieces of fabric (it's the piece that looks like piping).

We tried sewing the zipper on two different ways but neither worked for us. My mom has a solution though so we're going to fix it!

Despite it's imperfections, I think it's a cute little bag :)

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If you'd like to link up your own project, join our link party below! You'll need to click over to the blog if you're reading this in your e-mail or a reader :)

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  1. that is awesome caitlin! it looks fabulous!

    1. Thanks Cassie! I can't wait to get that zipper out so I can actually use it!

  2. This looks cute!! I don't think that this is really a fail since nobody can see the zipper issue unless you point it out... and I'm sure it can be fixed. My mom always tells me not to point my sewing mistakes out because nobody but me will notice them.

    1. Thanks Haley! Your mom is smart! Sometimes I spend so much time looking at/working on my projects that the tiniest details become magnified which makes me feel like they're a fail even when they're not.

  3. I love how your brain works. Such an amazing idea and so stylish

  4. Gorgeous!! And if that's a fail, then I'm a complete and total failure loser with my projects. ;-)

    1. Thanks Carrie! It's not a fail, it just feels like one haha And your projects are awesome! Definitely not in the loser category at all :)

  5. that's SUUUUPER adorable! SO glad you joined us! :)

  6. So pretty! Love the swap concept! Such a great idea!


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