December 5, 2014

DIY Marble Gift Tags

Happy Friday!

Today is the last day of our Christmas Spectacular. I hope you've been getting some good holiday ideas this week!

Christmas Spectacular

I have another super simple project to share with you today!

I made monogrammed marble gift tags!

You'll need the following supplies to make some gift tags of your own:

• Marble contact paper or a printed photo of marble and glue if you don't have contact paper
• Gift tags – I printed a gift tag template out on cardstock and cut them out
• A hole punch
• An x-acto knife
• A ruler
• A cutting mat
• Ribbon/string
• Optional embellishments like wahsi tape, metallic stickers, etc.

Cut out a piece of marble contact paper that's large enough to fit your gift tags and peel away the backing:

Place your gift tags down on the sticky side of the contact paper.

If you don't have marble contact paper, print out a photo of a piece of marble and glue your gift tags to it instead!

Cut the excess paper away from your gift tags using a ruler and an x-acto knife. Don't forget to protect the surface you're cutting on with a cutting mat!

Punch a hole in the top of your gift tags and call it a day...OR...

Add some embellishments! I used a metallic sticker and washi tape to add some monograms to a couple of my gift tags :)

Thread your ribbon/string through the hole and attach the gift tag to your gifts.

Don't forget to pin this for later! :)

Next week I'll be sharing a few last minute DIY ideas + our holiday house tour! :)

I'm linking to NewlyWoodwards' Dare to DIY party!


  1. Cute! I totally have marble contact paper...I bought it just to have some around and this might be that one with the T on it for me ? :D Hehe!

  2. Super cute! I've never taken the time to make gift tags. I always just try to sharpie on the wrapping paper, and it always looks terrible haha. I should make a whole bunch in advance so when I wrap a gift I can just pull them out. Great project.

    1. Thanks Kenz! I've never taken the time to create any tags either but I have about a billion feet of marble contact paper leftover so I'm trying to use at least 1/2 billion of it in creative ways haha ;)

  3. Perfection! I may whip up something similar over the weekend! I need marble contact paper, you've got me convinced, it's a need now.


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