December 1, 2014

DIY Wine Glass Bow

A bow, a wine glass, and some tape walk into a bar...

I have the easiest DIY to share with you today! When it comes to the holidays, I'll put a bow on just about anything. Wine glasses are no exception.

I picked up a set of gold rimmed wine glasses from the Dollar Tree. The bow and tape also came from the Dollar Tree but I already had them on hand.

DIY Wine Glass Bow Supplies

You'll want to buy the bows that have the little pipe cleaner arms on the back. Mine were a set of 8 that were attached to a piece of cardboard.

Red velvet bow

Twist the pipe cleaner arms around the back of the wine glasses stem. Tuck the ends underneath the back side of the bow:

Tied wine glass bow

Push the bow up higher on the stem so it sits beneath the wine glasses bowl. Tape the pipe cleaner arms in place so the bow won't fall down:

Taped wine glass bow

Roll a piece of tape onto itself making a double-sided piece. Cut the piece in half and add one half to each of the bow's tail tips:

Tape on bow tail tips

Curve the bow's tail tip to your liking. Tape the bow's tail tip to the top of the wine glasses foot.

Taped bow tail

Repeat for the other side:

DIY Wine Glass Bow

If you're planning on gifting a set of wine glasses this year, adding some bows to their stems before wrapping them would be a nice touch :)

DIY Wine Glass Bow

I placed our wine glasses on our holiday bar cart:

Holiday Bar Cart

These wine glasses are one of the many Christmas crafts I'll be sharing this week!

I've teamed up with Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage, Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof, Jen from My Fabuless Life, and Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe to bring you 25 holiday ideas!

Christmas Spectacular

Stop by tomorrow to see my Home Alone inspired DIY project!


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