January 28, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Planning Updates

Our wedding is coming up so fast! I feel like we’re so behind on planning but then I look at what we’ve already checked off our list and it makes me breathe a little easier.

A few of weeks ago, we dropped off a deposit and signed a contract which secured our wedding date and our ceremony and reception venue!

They take care of the food, beverage, cake, and coordination so we can check those items off our list too.

We met with a florist, a DJ, and a photographer a couple of weeks ago. We'll be booking the DJ and photographer very soon. We're passing on the florist in favor of a fun DIY idea I dreamed up!

We picked our Save the Dates and will be ordering them this week. We didn't plan on ordering any at first but think they're necessary since 95% of our guests will be traveling from out of town.

We still need to find an officiant (if a friend/family member doesn’t get ordained) and I need to find a hair and makeup person.

We’re also debating on hiring a videographer. I really, really want to but unfortunately, I don’t think the option is in our budget right now. Maybe we'll win the lotto between now and the wedding so that dream can become a reality ;)

We also need to ask our bridal party to stand by our side. We have everything we need for asking but haven't found the time to get together with anyone just yet. I made some cute "how to ask your bridesmaid" gifts that I'll be sharing as soon as the recipients receive them!

Anyway, in other non-wedding related news, I'm working on some very exciting behind-the-scenes house stuff that I'll be sharing next week! It's good to be (semi) back :)


  1. Caitlin! First, CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy for you! Second....a couple of suggestions. If you're going to completely forego a videographer due to $$, I have a couple of suggestions. First....ask a friend to do it for you. It's better than nothing. Second, would be to call the communications departments at your local colleges or tech schools and ask if there's a student that would like to make a little extra $$!! Also...I've had friends that met with their friends and together put together KILLER playlists and simply used that for their reception/dancing! All you need is the speakers/equipment to play it and you don't have to pay for a DJ. Just a thought. Best wishes!

  2. We bought an inexpensive camcorder, and had my cousin film the ceremony from the pews. It's not artsy or glamorous, but it captured the ceremony for $200, and now we're using it for the baby all the time!

  3. Exciting! And isn't it amazing how many problems could be solved with a billion dollars?!

  4. I just got married last year, so I know the struggle! I opted not to get a videographer due to budget as well and I regret it. Luckily, family in the first row filmed the vows with their phones and I got to see that!
    But my flower girls did really cute things down the aisle - which I totally missed out on seeing! My bridesmaids danced down the aisle.. I missed that too!
    I totally would recommend buying a video camera and asking a second cousin to record the wedding portion. Doesn't have to be fancy! Just something to look back on during your 50th wedding anniversary! :)

  5. I'm so happy you're back! And happy the wedding planning is coming along well!

  6. I'm so happy you're back! And happy the wedding planning is coming along well!

  7. Wedding planning makes me so happy! I can't wait to see the details you put together for your special day :)

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