April 10, 2015


Well, I'm 30! Ugh haha

Last year, on the day before my 29th birthday, I put together a 30 before 30 list of, you guessed it, 30 things I'd like to do before I turn 30.

I thought I'd accomplish everything but I kind of lost steam (...and kind of forgot about the list...) after the first few months. Regardless, I thought it'd be fun to recap the list and see what I got done!

My 30 before 30 list consisted of the following things:
  1. Attend a blog conference DONE! 7/10/14 @ Haven Conference
  2. Travel back to my hometown DONE! 8/3/14
  3. Travel to my boyfriend's hometown and see where he grew up DONE! 7/30/14
  4. Visit the Grand Canyon – it's only 12 hours away
  5. Visit Las Vegas DONE! 10/30/14 – 11/2/14 celebrating my boyfriend's 30th birthday
  6. Gamble...a little haha DONE! 4/12/14 @ Casino Del Sol
  7. Get engaged...no pressure babe ;) DONE! Happened on our 6 year anniversary – 12/7/14!
  8. Be a bridesmaid in a wedding DONE! 8/2/14
  9. Have my blog/home featured in a magazine
  10. Invest in a really nice piece of furniture DONE! 4/29/14
  11. Leave a really big tip for an excellent waiter/waitress
  12. Pay for a stranger's tab
  13. Lose 30 pounds *(I lost 20, working on the last 10)
  14. Complete the Couch to 5K running program
  15. Run a 5K – ideally the Color Run
  16. Learn how to use my DSLR camera – anyone have any tips?
  17. Go to an NFL game
  18. Eat food from a food truck DONE! 4/28/14 @ Serial Grillers
  19. Get a mani/pedi – I've never gotten one before! DONE! 8/1/14 @ Queen Nails in Boardman, OH
  20. Take a spontaneous trip to California
  21. Save $1,000 DONE!
  22. Pay off a credit card (or two)
  23. Upgrade my old iMac to the latest version
  24. Visit the Phoenix Art Museum
  25. Learn how to change a tire
  26. Take our dogs on a walk at least three times a week
  27. Learn Spanish
  28. Help someone in need DONE!
  29. Watch the sunrise at least once a week – I like to sleep in so this will be a challenge!
  30. Take a dance class

A few of the items are still a work in progress and I'll check them off eventually...if I don't forget :)


  1. How is it possible you don't know how to use your DSLR and yet take such beautiful photos?! Happy birthday, Caitlin! 30's aren't so bad actually - just as great as my 20's, and in a lot of ways better :) It's a shame my face can't start looking more youthful as I grow into it though...

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to my 30's :)

      Oh and some of my photos are taken with my DSLR but most are taken with my handy dandy point and shoot. It's a lot less finicky than my fancy camera haha

  2. Happy Birthday! I just turned 40 but didn't really tell anyone, I'm still sobbing!
    And I second what Jennifer said :)

    1. Thank you! And happy belated birthday to you as well! You'll have to let me know how the 40's are as I get closer :)

  3. I thought you lived in Tucson, the Grand Canyon shouldn't take 12 hrs to get to from there:)

    1. I do! I think I looked up the long way to get there when I made this list haha

  4. happy happy birthday! i think you did a great job! :) you did a lot!

    1. Thank you Cassie! I got close to checking off half the list so that's pretty good :D

  5. 30....wow, I can barely remember back that far! But I enjoy reading your blog and really enjoyed seeing what Home Depot did for your yard! What a blessing that was for you! You keep working at checking off that bucket list and add to it as you go. Before you know it, you'll be where I am, looking back and wondering how it all flew by so quickly! Happy, Happy Birthday!

    1. Thank you so much Scotty! I'm already wondering where time went haha Looking forward to my next milestone! :)

  6. Happy birthday! I just turned 40 the other day.....looks like it's time for you to work on your 40 before 40 list and me my (gulp) 50 before 50.....:)

    1. Thanks Gretchen! Happy belated birthday! I think I'm going to roll some of the things I didn't do onto my 40 before 40 list haha 50 before 50 sounds fun! I think you can knock out 50 things in 10 years! :)

  7. Happy birthday!! I think you made a nice dent in that list!! All the while planning your wedding and kicking some serious Home Depot style challenge butt.

  8. Definitely get those credit cards paid off! We scraped for a few years to get ours paid off and it has been SO freeing! Will you be at Haven again this year? It's my first time going! You'll probably get that publication feature this year, because holy cow on that yard transformation!

  9. You've done amazing on your list! I hope you've had such a great birthday! I am seriously DYING to hear more of your wedding plans. Please share!!

  10. Happy belated birthday! Hope it was fabulous! 30 is pretty rad once you get over the thought of being old. :P

  11. Happy 30th! I turn 31 today...talk about ugh! LOL.

    Last year you accomplished a lot on your list...here's to an even better year this year!

  12. Hey. So the Grand Canyon is only 5.5 hours from here (Tucson), tops. I hope that makes it feel more attainable for you. Although it would still be worth it if it were 12 hours.

  13. what! i'd say you learned how to use your DSLR! cross that puppy off your list! playing catch-up on all your fab posts lately!!!


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