April 29, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Paper + Puerto Rico

We're getting closer and closer to our big day and I can't wait! I did have a panic dream last week that made me go into planning overdrive this weekend though haha

We finally ordered our invitations yesterday!

[ Image via Minted.com ]

We chose the gold foil-pressed Electric invites + RSVP cards from Minted.com. They were on sale for 20% so we took advantage of the savings! We're customizing the colors and a few of the fonts so our final invites will look a little different than the stock option shown above but the general design will remain the same.

Sidenote: ordering invitations has been the most nerve-wracking part of planning so far! I must have reviewed all of our information at least 10 times before staring at the checkout screen for what felt like forever because I couldn't decide on whether or not I should click the "place order" button. So happy to be past that step!

We’ve also been planning our honeymoon in Puerto Rico!

[ Image via SeePuertoRico.com ]

We love that the country offers us the luxury of International travel without the hassle since it’s a U.S. territory. I’m so happy we won’t have to worry about passports, currency conversion, or customs! We’re looking forward to spending a lot of time relaxing on the beach, walking around Old San Juan, and touring the El Yunque rainforest.

We’ve never been before so we’d love restaurant/activity recommendations from those that have!


  1. Love the invitations and I'd also love to visit Puerto Rico. I have never been either.

  2. oh those invitations are great! And Puerto Rico--fun!!

  3. do you read hi sugarplum? she's traveled to puerto rico a few times, i think, and she has posted about her travels there. i know she recommends the island of vieques there. exciting stuff.

    1. I do! I'll have to read her posts again. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  4. You are SO right. If I ever visit another country it'll have to be Puerto rico. That would so much less stressful. That's so exciting you've ordered the invites! That's definitely a milestone you can exhale a sigh of relief for!

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