May 11, 2015

Crane & Canopy Bedding

Thank you so much to Crane & Canopy for providing us with the black Linden bedding that is featured in this post! I received their bedding to review, but I was not paid for my review. As always, all opinions are 100% mine :)

Our master bedroom has been undergoing a makeover for several months now. Our goal is to finish the space before our wedding and we’re one step closer thanks to our new Crane & Canopy bedding!

I loved our gray border Linden bedding so much that I couldn’t wait to get the black bordered set.

If you’re not familiar with Crane & Canopy, you’re missing out! Their premium bedding features a 300+ thread count in a soft cotton sateen weave. It’s also the only bedding that I've found that offers duvet covers that are large enough to drape down both sides of the bed! The previous covers we used to buy would barely drape over one side of our bed, let alone both.

We paired our new duvet cover and standard shams with plus sign printed sheets:

Speaking of patterned sheets: I love this cloud patterned set! I think it'd look great with our headboard :)

My mom gifted us two Mr. & Mrs. pillows (only one is shown). They’re made by Cynthia Rowley and are adorable! They're from T.J. Maxx if you're wondering :)

If you’ve been reading for a while, you might notice that we painted the walls and hung up some curtains. If you haven’t, well, I just told you ;)

I love our bed but I’m thinking about selling it so we can replace it with something lighter. I feel like the bed side of our room looks like a black hole with the dark paint, the dark bed, and the dark nightstands.

I’d love to show you more but I have a surprise that I'm saving it for! More on that later…


  1. I would TOTALLY buy that bed from you. Unfortunately I'm on the other side of the USA!

  2. That Mr & Mrs pillow is darling! Very nice bedding!

  3. Really pretty - I love white bedding, feels spa-like.

  4. lovely!

    is your bed from target? it looks similar to one i'm planning on buying. i would love your feedback about it!

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