May 21, 2015

Thrift Score Thursday: Vintage Flexsteel Lounge Chairs

Saturday was spent in wedding planning mode. I was deciding on centerpieces when an idea popped into my head. This idea lead us to Goodwill where we noticed “50% off everything” signs in each window.

We walked up and down each aisle until we eventually made our way over to the furniture section. We were getting ready to leave when I saw a pair of Mid-Century Modern chairs.

Let me preface the rest of this post by saying we didn’t need these chairs.

Back in February, I had found 2 matching chairs + a chair with an ottoman on Craigslist. All of them need to be reupholstered but they’ve sat untouched since I brought them home and they’ll continue to sit untouched until after our honeymoon. Maybe even longer.

Anyway, long story short, we didn’t need the chairs. However, I can’t resist a good deal! The chairs were marked $39.99 each but...

...the 50% off discount brought the pair down to $39.99 – $19.99 each chair!!! Where can you find a comfy vintage chair for $20?!

(The image above shows the true blue color of the chair)

My fiancĂ© wasn’t in love with the idea of me bringing more chairs home (he’s concerned I’m turning into a furniture hoarder haha) so I tried to ration with him by saying that even if we bring them home and decide we don’t want them, we could turn them around and sell them on Craigslist to make our money back! He agreed because he’s awesome and also because I think he could sense my panic since the store was about to close and the sale ended that day.

I love the clean lines of the chairs and the brass tipped legs!

I flipped one chair over while we were in Goodwill to see if I could find any maker markings but I didn’t see anything. However, when we were loading the chairs in the car, I noticed a Flexsteel sticker underneath the chair I didn’t flip over.

I pulled into a parking spot so I could get my Google on. I found several similar Flexsteel chairs but the cushions were different (ours are T-shaped and most of the chairs I saw had square cushions).

I wasn't able to find an exact match to our chairs but I did find one that's extremely close (the arms and bottom front panel are a little different and the back cushion has a single button tuft):

It’s been reupholstered and the seller is asking $850 for it!!!

Although we don’t plan on selling our chairs, we do plan on getting them reupholstered. The current fabric is in great shape (no rips, tears, etc.) but it’s a little faded and dirty in some places. The color is a pretty pale blue but I'm considering a nice gray tweed maybe?

I’ve never had anything reupholstered so I’d love some fabric suggestions!


  1. Fun! We don't have a Good Will nearby and our local resale shop sucks. I'm so jealous!!!

    1. Thanks Megan! All of our thrift shops kind of suck out here too. I don't go nearly as often as I should though so maybe that's why!

  2. What a STEAL! I love these!

  3. WOW! Good find!! I haven't ever had anything reupholstered either but I'd stick with something solid so it'll show off those great lines and tufting. The pattern on the one being sold just hides it's beautiful shapes :/ Can't wait to see what you do with them (um, wedding photo props!).

    1. Thanks Emily! They'll definitely remain a solid fabric so I can add fun pillows to them. Wedding photo props is a great idea! :)

  4. Great buy!!! Have those babies professionally cleaned and put a great lumbar pillow in them , call it done !

  5. Wow! I haven't had that kind of luck here in Tucson. I guess I need to get out even more! Well, if you DO decide to sell them for some reason, I'll take them off your hands! :)

  6. Grey tweed would be stellar! Epic find girl!

  7. Sooo jealous! Those chairs are gorgeous!

  8. Awesome find! My Goodwill never has good furniture.

  9. They are totally awesome and I actually really adore the color. Maybe you could try to have them professionally cleaned first to see how that would look. But grey tweet would look amazing too for sure.

  10. Those chairs are marvelous!! Totally jealous that your GW has 50% off sales!


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