June 29, 2015

Guest Bedroom Plans

I've talked about our guest bedroom several times before.

I had planned to turn it into a guest bedroom/studio last May. That plan evolved into turning the room into a full blown studio for the re-launch of my Etsy shop but now we'll be turning it into a guest bedroom only.

I'm not excited about dedicating a whole room to a bed that will sleep guests once or twice a year (we've had one overnight guest stay with us in the past 3 years). That being said, we don't use the room for anything but storage and the occasional blog photoshoot so I can't be that upset if I'm being honest haha

We thought about buying a sofa sleeper to save the space a bed takes up but then the room would essentially turn into another lounge area and we already have two of those – our living room and our loft – so it's going to become a bedroom.

Here’s what we have planned for the space:

I’m still trying to figure out what to use for a nightstand. We also have a pile of artwork and accessories that we’ll be adding to the room but I haven’t picked anything specific for it yet (except the white painting you see above).

We bought our bed, bedding, and curtains on Friday and bought our mattress on Saturday. Yesterday we cleared everything out of the room, replaced the light fixture, touched up some paint, built the bed, put the mattress on it, brought our dresser upstairs, and played musical chairs.

I have to spray paint the pipe pieces for our DIY curtain rod but I plan to get that done today (if the rain stays away) so we can get the curtains hung by tomorrow or Wednesday. We also need to dress the bed, hang the mirror/art, put the rug in place, and add some accessories.


  1. Very nice! We plan on converting our extra bedroom to a full blown guest bedroom, too. even if we never have a guest stay, it'll make for a great nap bed so I don't have to ruin my made bed ;)

  2. I bet you'll be surprised at how much you'll use the guest room once it's done!

  3. Love that dresser! Our guest room is in a sorry state at the moment, and this is some good motivation!


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