June 25, 2015

Thrift Score Thursday: Vintage 9-Drawer Drexel Dresser

My latest Thrift Score Thursday find hails from the land of Craigslist:

It’s a vintage 9-drawer dresser from Drexel Heritage’s Grand Tour line that we picked up on Monday night. It's hanging out in our living room until we clear out a space for it in our guest bedroom.

My fiancĂ© wasn’t on board with the idea of me buying another piece of furniture (you know, the whole “I might be a hoarder” thing) but now that it's home, I think he may love the dresser more than I do!

Picking it up was quite the adventure!

Our directions lead us down some winding dirt roads which lead us to the middle of the desert where we met up with the seller – a care taker of a guest ranch that closed down almost 10 years ago. The whole situation was a little sketchy and the dresser barely fit into my Jeep but the seller was very nice and the views were even better!

I love the bamboo border and the warm color of the wood. The dresser’s hardware is original and has developed a great patina.

Some of the dove-tail drawers have dividers in them which is such a great feature!

The dresser in near perfect condition despite a few small surface scratches here and there and a small chip on one of the drawer’s corners. It’s super heavy and very well made. I don't plan on doing a thing to it besides wiping the dust off and stuffing a few drawers with decorative accessories :)

It was a little more than I wanted to spend ($250) but I really think it’s worth much more than that. I still can’t believe one of the local vintage buyers didn’t snatch it up before I did!

I tried Googling several terms to see if I could find more information but my searches came up mostly empty. I did find this similar looking 6-drawer dresser for $425. I also found a similar looking lingerie chest for $425 and a similar looking nightstand for $199 but I couldn’t find an exact match to our dresser.

The listing said it was a one of a kind piece and while I normally assume people just say that to make what they’re selling sound better, I’m starting to wonder if it’s truly one of a kind!

Anyway, the dresser is going to end up in the guest bedroom we’re scrambling to put together before guests arrive for our wedding.

Stop by on Monday to see the plans we have for the room!


  1. Holy cow that's a beautiful dresser! Very nice score, totally worth the sketch meet up ;)

  2. I would choose something with texture to tie into the bamboo look of your dresser like rattan or other woven small chest or one drawer stand. Or go with what appears to be more of your personality and find something industrial chic made of metal with rolling casters. It is a guest room so all it needs is a surface big enough to hold a lamp, glass of water and your guest's book and eyeglasses. The room is small so I would find something with open legs, not a square block of wood that goes all the way to the floor. Looks great...I am sure your guests will be very comfortable.


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