August 27, 2015

Thrift Score Thursday: Plaster Kachinas

My husband and I are trying to start a new weekend tradition/habit where we get up early, grab some coffee and head to the thrift stores to see what we can find.

We kind of failed miserably this past weekend but we found these cute plaster Kachinas at Goodwill on the weekend we started the “tradition”:

There were 21 to choose from and narrowing them down to my favorite 6 was kind of tough! I had a bit of a FOMO moment and for a split second, I contemplated buying all of them (no idea what I’d do with them) but spending $63 just felt like too much.

Anyway, they’re a plaster craft set made by Holly Enterprises.

One of my Kachinas has ’96 carved into the foot which makes them almost 20 years old!

I found this chart which explains which Kachina is which:

[ Image via Delcampe ]

The photo below shows the Silent Warrior (without feathers), the Hochani, and the Hú:

I also have the Heheya, the Mudhead (not shown on the chart), and the Owl (without feathers):

The paint has chipped off in some places but I other than that, the Kachinas are in really good condition for their age!

I love Hú's facial expression :)

Hochani is my favorite though!

I'm trying to find a long and narrow shadow box frame for them. Maybe I'll find one on our next thrifting adventure :)

Have you been thrifting lately? What have you found?

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  1. My local thrift stores have been suprisingly on point lately. I've picked up a TON of baskets, a doll sized peacock fan back chair for $.50! And
    Lots of other really great goodies. I think these Kachinas are such a fun burst of color! Really awesome score.


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