September 25, 2015

Bedroom Picture Ledges

Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post and providing us with several pieces of art needed to complete our picture ledges! All ideas and opinions are my own.

The last time you (briefly) saw our picture ledges, they were an unfinished hot mess. I was having a difficult time finding art to fill the frames so I ignored them and moved on to other projects.

As luck would have it, Minted contacted me to see if I wanted to work with them. Um, yes please! We ordered our (unsponsored) wedding invitations from Minted and were so impressed with the quality that I jumped at the chance to officially work with them!

Since the picture ledges are in our bedroom, I wanted the prints to be very "us". That being said, picking our prints was pretty difficult! Minted works with so many amazing artists and has a ton of amazing pieces to offer. Needless to say, narrowing down our choices was harder than I thought it'd be!

I fell in love with "Opus" by Katie Craig – the colorful abstract piece on the second picture ledge.

Her print is what inspired the color story for the rest of our shelves!

I'm from Illinois and my husband is from Ohio so including the "Midwest is Best" print was a no-brainer!

I love the gold glittery touch in my "All in the Details" print! I wish I had a skirt like that in real life haha

I wanted to combine a lot of abstract art with typographic art. Not to toot my own horn but I think I achieved a nice balance of both! :)

"You Are The Best Thing" by Ray Lamontagne was one of the songs we considered for the first dance at our wedding so when I saw this print with those lyrics I knew it had to be ours!

The view from our "Eames" isn't so bad now!

I'm a sucker for a good black and white piece of abstract art :)

If you can look past our neglected bathroom, here's how our picture ledges look with our DIY Roman Numeral wedding date art! I'm still deciding on whether or not I should put a table underneath it or not...

I'm so happy we checked the ledges of our list! :D

Do you have a favorite print?

Psst: guess what I did last night? I met John and Sherry from Young House Love!

I didn't get a chance to meet them on their last book tour so imagine my excitement when they announced a tour date in Tempe! They didn't know who I was (totally fine!) but a reader did! Hi Chrissy! So sorry if I just spelled your name wrong or if I was awkward last night haha I've never had a reader recognize me before!


  1. The shelves look Marrrrrvelllous and the styling is too! Whether you do or do not use a table under your Roman Numeral art piece I think you should paint out the wall plug in the same colour as your wall. This is something that I have done for years so as not to attract attention to something that I would rather not see. just saying....��

    1. Thank you so much Cheryl! Replacing/painting the outlet cover is genius! Great tip :)

  2. These are soon perfect! I love Minted- aren't they just the best?! I have the black and white abstract in my gallery wall :) Awesome job!

    1. Thanks Shannon! Yes, LOVE Minted! I just saw the black and white piece in your gallery wall on ABM's house tour – so awesome! :D

  3. Love! You have a great mixture of art! I love minted!

  4. Love these pieces you choose and also how you used the frames. Great ideas as always. And what a lucky duck meeting Sherry and John, my my head!

  5. Hi where did you get your shelves? I looked on the previous post, but I couldn't find where it mentioned it.

    1. They're the Ribba picture ledges from IKEA. It doesn't look like they sell them anymore but they have a few new options for sale:

  6. The picture ledges look so great!! I want to get all of the prints that you chose...especially the Midwest is Best one!!


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