September 2, 2015

Master Closet Before

Our master closet has been in a sad state since we moved in over 3 years ago. Just a heads up, like many of my before posts, this one isn’t going to be pretty!

You have to walk through our bathroom to get to our closet. This is the view from the entrance across from our vanity:

It's a tight space with no natural light so photographing it is hard! To get a better idea of the layout, here's what the closet looks like on our floor plan:

When we were building our house, I asked the builder not to include any type of clothes rack or shelves since we had other, non builder-basic plans for our closet. I was told they had to outfit the closet with something (I’m assuming to pass inspection?) so we ended up with the system they came up with.

Although there's a ton of wasted vertical space, the closet isn’t terrible. In fact, it functions just fine but it’s not what we were envisioning!

We had planned to rip everything out as soon as we moved in but then we started unpacking and had no where to put our clothes so we hung them up and forgot about our plans…for 3 years…whoops!

We tried to make the best of things so we moved an old dresser into the closet to give us some concealed storage. Unfortunately, the top has become a catch-all for laundry we haven’t hung up yet!

The shelving unit is...weird. I'm assuming it's for shoe storage but we store 90% of our shoes in our closet downstairs so we’ve filled it with a bunch of miscellaneous things like folded clothes, handbags, jewelry, random baskets, etc.

We got tired of the constant mess and tight quarters so we revisited our plans and started our closet’s makeover last week!

We removed everything from our closet and started fresh!

We piled everything into our room and started sorting through the piles to see what we wanted to keep and what we wanted to donate.

We followed the “if I was shopping right now, would I buy this?” rule which made narrowing our choices down much easier.

We filled 3 giant trash bags full of stuff to donate before demoing the closet!

We started by removing the clothing rods and shelf brackets (the easy part!) and then we scored the edges of each shelf so they’d be a little easier to remove.

After the shelves were removed, we used the back of a hammer to pry the support pieces away from the wall since they were nailed in place.

We tossed all the trash and then we started repairing the walls to prep them for paint.

I won't go into details (it's pretty boring stuff haha) but we sanded down the uneven spots where the shelves had been and filled them in with spackle to make the patches even with the rest of the wall. We also filled in all of the small nail/screw holes and used mesh patches to repair two large holes. Oh and we retextured where we applied the spackle so it would match the rest of our walls.

Anyway, we're getting ready to paint but before we do, I'll be sharing my plans for the room!


  1. ooh, I love the part where everything gets cleared out and you have a totally blank slate! Someday I'll do that with my closet. For now, I'd settle for having it clean with all the clothes hung up :). Can't wait to see what you do next!

    1. Thanks Gretchen! Clearing it out was great until everything ended up all over our room haha I can't wait to put it all away and be semi-organized again!


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