October 7, 2015

Swap It Like It's Hot: DIY Dinosaur Business Card Holder + Organizer

I'm participating in another round of Ciburbanity's "Swap It Like It's Hot" challenge!

I failed miserably the last time I participated so I was ready to redeem myself this round! Then I received some items from Ann Marie at White House Black Shutters that absolutely had me stumped haha

She sent me this dinosaur:

And two of these geometric looking wooden plaques (I only used one):


I decided to perform a little surgery on the dinosaur so I could turn it into a business card holder!

I eyeballed where I thought the cards should go and used an X-acto knife to cut some slices down the dino's back:

I kept cutting until I had removed a chunk of rubber that was pretty equal on both sides and was wide enough to fit a stack of business cards:

I did a test fit of the cards to make sure they sat straight:

I carved some extra chunks off the uneven spots and then I brought the dino outside and spray painted it gold:

After it had dried, I shoved some cards in its back!

I love how the dinosaur looks like it's made of hammered gold!

Here's a before and after of the transformation!


The wood plaque really stumped me. I knew I wanted to paint it white but I wasn't sure what'd to do with it after I painted it.

I ended up turning it into a mini mail organizer!

I cut a scrap piece of wood down to the width of the geometric portion of the plaque to create a shelf. Then I cut some dowel rods down to make supports for the shelf (shown), some hooks for keys and a bar to hold the mail in place (not shown):

I painted everything white and then I shoved the dowels into the plaques holes and hung it up!

It turned out a lot cuter than I thought it would :)

Here's a before and after so you don't have to scroll back to the top :)

I sent Jennifer some interesting items so make sure you stop by her blog to see what she did with them!

Tune in all week to see the crazy items this talented group of bloggers has been making over! Search the hashtag #swapitlikeitshot on social media to follow along with all the fun or check out our Pinterest Board.


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  1. I am super impressed. That dinosaur actually looks chic, not suer how that could ever happen lol! And the mail organizer was such a great idea.

  2. oh that dino! i LOVE it! totally makes me think of your alligator succulent planter, too! fab work!

    1. Thanks Cassie! They're going to be BFF's on my desk haha

  3. The dinosaur makes an AMAZING business card holder - just the cutest!!! That wooden plaque turned out too cool as well... Love the texture!

    1. Thanks Brynne! Isn't the plaque great?! I just love the geometric design!

  4. Wow, clever, clever!! I would have never thought to use the dinosaur that way. So cool! And love the little organizer too!

    1. Thanks Nancy! This challenge forces you to be extra creative haha :)

  5. Hilarious! What gold spray do you use?? This is amazing! WE all should be so cool as to display our business cards a la dino-chic. Thank for being awesome!! xx

    1. Thank you for being the hostess with the mostess! :) I used Rustoleum's metallic gold spray paint. We're fancy on a budget around here haha

  6. That dinosaur is adorable! Love it!

  7. Fabulous!! The texture on the dinosaur is so cool with the gold paint, and turning it into a card holder was genius! The mail/ key holder turned out great too! Well done! XO

  8. This is THE coolest business card holder ever! Love it!

  9. Beautiful and clever repurpose Caitlin. Amazing what a little out of the box thinking can produce!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Awe that dinosaur turned out really good, that hammered gold look is definitely working on him! The mail organizer is quite a stunna too. Send me the other one so we can be twinsies?! haha

  12. Ah, this is great. You have to know I LOVE that dino biz card holder! I always say, you can't have too many dinosaurs (right?!).

  13. Love this! I actually have an air plant that live in my T-rex at work. I might need to find him a friend for my business cards.

  14. Girlfriend! I so want one of those wooden plaques. It turned out amazing! And dino, well, he gets the best of #SwapIt award :-)


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