October 26, 2015

DIY Water Closet Pelmet Box

I finished making the pelmet box for our water closet over the weekend!

I really love how it looks with our lotus light:

I made the pelmet box from two scrap 1 x 8 pieces of wood we had lying around. I cut each board into 3 pieces: 2, 2" pieces for the sides (4 total) and 1, 26" piece for the front (2 total):

I used our Kreg Jig to connect everything together:

Here's the finished pelmet box form pre-upholstery:

I grabbed some batting I had leftover from when I made our last pelmet box:

I cut it down to size and duct taped it to the wood. I used duct tape instead of staples because I was worried the batting would pull through the staples. It's a little ghetto but no one will see the back!

After the box was wrapped in batting, I grabbed my fabric and laid it over the top of the box so I could figure out the pattern's placement. I shifted things around until I liked what I saw and then I cut the fabric down to size.

I upholstered the pelmet box with the fabric facing up so I could ensure that the pattern didn't shift. After I added a few staples to the top and bottom, I flipped the pelmet box over (fabric side down) and stapled the rest of the fabric in place.

The corners were a little tricky!

I stapled the fabric as close as I could to each corner and then I pulled the side in as tight as I could (like you're wrapping a present) and stapled the fabric in place. Then I pulled the top down (the white/orange part) and bent it backwards (to form the corner crease) and stapled it in place.

After the box was upholstered, we screwed two small D-rings into the back of each side and hung it above our window!

The pelmet box ended up being 14 1/2" tall and while I thought it might be too big at first, I love the extra height it adds to the window!

Navy and gold will forever have my heart :)

The fabric alignment isn't perfect but I really love how the box turned out especially since I made it all by myself! :D

Here's a before and after of the window:

I love how this little space is coming together :)

Stop by on Wednesday to see the floating shelf we built above the toilet!


  1. Love it! That's how I built mine too. Looks so pretty with that fabric

    1. Thanks Julia! The fabric was a bit of a splurge but I really love it :)

  2. I really love the fabric that you used!! I really wish that I would have snagged one of those lights when they were available online too...ugh. I think your water closet is going to be the bomb diggity!!

  3. Love the fabric choice, the misalignment isn't even visible without a magnifying glass :)

    I love how it added height to the window..

  4. Hi I love this do you know the brand / name of the fabric? I really want this in my living room.


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