October 21, 2015

Updated Water Closet Plans

The plans for our water closet have changed! I'm pretty sure that was made obvious by the title of this post though ;)


As much as I loved the colorful rug I included in our previous plans, I couldn't justify spending $70 on it, especially when my husband hated it.

Also, even though I really wanted a neutral rug from the beginning, I thought the space was too neutral with the black and white art and black and white pelmet box. I thought I should add some color but admittedly, I think I went a little color-crazy with my rug selection haha

Needless to say, I wasn't loving the overall direction of the room so I went back into planning mode! I also went back to the idea of having a neutral bath mat. I found this one from Crate & Barrel and instantly fell in love:

I love how the diamond shape in the rug is similar to the shape of the lotus pendant's leaves:

When I was searching for a new bath rug, I stumbled upon this beautiful blue ikat fabric (that also has a diamond pattern):

It was the last yard available so I bought it even though it was pretty expensive ($30/yard). I plan on using it for the pelmet box above the window. I won't need to use much fabric in the water closet so I'll be using the remaining yardage to make another pelmet box for the window above our shower! Two pelmet boxes for the price of one is a win-win for me :D

I wanted to find a basket that we could store extra toilet paper rolls in. I happened to find a $6 one at HomeGoods that was perfect!

The texture is exactly what I was looking for and the braided detail is an added bonus!

When everything is all said and done, the room will look something like this Photoshopped mock up:

And that makes me happy!

Psst: save yourself a scroll and check out the old vs. new plans below:

Muuuccchhh better! :D


  1. Love love the new fabric! ( those stripes weren't doing it for me). Makes a huge difference I think it would be great if you could find a rug with a bit of that persimmon color just to tie things together. I also liked the green plant of some sort on the shelf- adds life to this little "room".

  2. Oh why oh why did he have to hate that rug? I love it! I just sold my artichoke lamp to my neighbor because I couldn't find a space for it and I was so upset.

  3. Even though I thought the original concept was cool, this second one is so much better! And now your husband is happy with it, too!

  4. I love the color that rug adds and am sorry to see a plain floor now. Might want to compromise and find a rug with a colorful border so that the floor does not look like it is floating with all the white going on. Love your artwork...very clever! And while I loved the black and white stripe pelmet I also like your new Ikat version.

  5. Love the plan but love the rug with color more! That pendant:)

  6. Love the plan but love the rug with color more! That pendant:)

  7. I'm in love with the chandelier. I must have miss that day. I have a dining room with a koi motif from a large poster that I dearly love which is in the middle of the wall above the dining table. Some of my koi images are matted and framed, and I had bought a flea market curtain of plastic translucent discs in several sizes and hung that in the window. BUT the light fixture is horrible. I never got around to it. This looks a lot like a lotus to me and it would be beautiful - or something very much like it. Saw something today - a band of several rows of acrylic orbs, transparent. Inner circle is a translucent band of plastic and the light comes through it and the "bubbles". A hack from Remodelista. The bathroom is almost perfect in each shot, but I like the hoops less than I like cacti. To soften the lines, maybe a Christmas cactus?


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