December 9, 2015

DIY Candy Cane Striped Napkin Rings

I thought I was done with all of my Christmas crafting but then the idea for these candy cane striped napkin rings popped into my head!

They’re made out of some unusual materials but are really easy and cheap to make :)

I used the following supplies:

I used the following tools:
  • Miter saw
    • If you don’t have a miter saw, the store you buy the pipe from might be able to cut it down into pieces for you. If not, you can buy individual PVC coupling pieces. They might be a little longer than 1-1/2” but will still work!
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors

I had my husband help me cut the piece of PVC pipe down into 4, 1-1/2” pieces:

If you attempt to cut the PVC pipe yourself, be very careful and hold the pipe TIGHT against the fence so it doesn't roll on you.

I wiped them off and set them up on some cardboard so I could spray paint them flat white:

I sprayed on one thin and even coat of paint and let it dry for about an hour. When the pieces were no longer sticky, I flipped them over and sprayed on another thin and even coat of paint. I let everything dry overnight. Don’t forget to spray the top and bottom edges!

The next day, I brought the freshly painted pieces inside and started plotting out the plans for my tape.

I wanted each stripe to be directly across from one another so I rolled out a long length of tape that included a little tail that I could tuck under the pipe piece.

I draped the tape across the top of the PVC piece, pressed it in place on the top edges and let the excess tape hang off the roll. Don’t cut the tape just yet!

I used a tape measure to make sure the piece of tape equidistant on each side. If it wasn’t, I unstuck it from the top edge and pressed it back in place when it was centered.

I gently pulled the long length of tape (roll free side) down the side of the pipe piece and eyeballed it to make sure it was straight. When the tape was straight, I pressed it in place making sure to smooth out any air bubbles and then I tucked the tape tail underneath the pipe to tape it in place on the inside.

I repeated the same side-taping process on the other side.

I left another tape tail and cut the excess tape off the roll:

After both sides were taped in place, the inside looked like this from the bottom:

I flipped the piece of pipe over and cut the piece of tape that I had draped across the top of the pipe in half:

I taped each tail on the inside of the pipe. I didn’t worry about lining up the tape inside the pipe or making sure the two tails met in the middle. No one will really notice the inside of the pipe, especially when there’s a napkin in the ring!

I repeated the same process for the other side:

When both sides were done, I moved on to the remaining sections.

I followed the same process but instead of measuring, I eyeballed the tape to make sure it was in the center of each white wedge.

Repeat the process once more and your napkin ring is complete!

I made a total of 4 napkin rings and still have a little more than half of the red tape left.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try applying the tape on a diagonal or try alternating the thicker, 1/2” stripes with thinner ones by cutting the 1/2” tape in half to make 1/4” tape!

I know I’m biased but I think these would look great on a kid’s table :)

If you need a gift idea, make a set for the hostess with the mostest and pair it with some nice napkins!


  1. What a great idea !! Thanks .. This will go into the future what to give file. THANKS !!!

  2. Oh these are so awesome. And I'd also love them in black and white or gold and white. I think I must make some.

    1. Thanks Julia! Black stripes would be awesome. I've never seen gold electrical tape before but I'm sure they make other thin gold tape! They'd look great in your place :)


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