January 12, 2016

DIY Evil Eye Coasters

I grew up next to Greek neighbors who had the Evil Eye symbol displayed throughout their home. I didn't know what it meant when I was younger but I loved the design of it.

It's believed that the evil eye protects its owner from evil spirits and negative energies. We've been dealing with a negative neighbor lately and as silly as it may seem, we can use all of the negative energy protection we can get! I don't know if the coasters can help us but it's worth a shot :)

I used the following supplies to make my coasters:

I flipped the larger votive holder (2 1/2" in diameter) upside down so I could trace the top of it.

I used the tape measure to find the center, which happened to be 1/2" from each edge:

I traced around the votive holder with a pencil:

I had to trace around it a few times in order to see the pencil marks. Don't press too hard or you'll leave a dent in the cork!

I placed the smaller votive holder (2" diameter w/ 1-3/4" bottom diameter) in the middle of the circle I just drew:

I used a tape measure to make sure it was equidistant from each side.

I held it in place and traced around it:

I used a dime to create the last circle:

I eyeballed the center (no pun intended haha) and traced around it:

I repeated the same process for the remaining 3 coasters until they all looked like little targets:

I started painting the pupil black:

I used a flat edge brush and painted around my pencil marks veryyyyy slowlyyyyy.

The black paint was dry by the time I was done painting all 4 pupils so I started painting the light blue iris.

I got a little heavy-handed in some parts so I let the paint dry, re-traced the dime, and filled in the light blue areas with black until the pupil was round again.

After all of the iris' were painted, my coasters looked like this!

Like the black paint, the light blue paint had dried by the time I was done painting all 4 coasters so I moved on to painting the white portion:

3 rings down, one to go!

I used the same flat edged brush to paint the darker blue color around the white ring:

When the outline was done, I switched to a foam brush to fill in the rest of the darker blue rings:

I let the paint dry for about an hour before sealing the coasters with glossy Mod Podge:

I applied two thin and even coats about a half an hour apart. I would have preferred to use the spray kind of Mod Podge to eliminate the brush marks but I only had the brush-on kind so I used that and saved $7!

I'm definitely not a painter (circles are hard to paint!) but I love how the coasters turned out!

The coasters took me 4 hours to finish (including the time it took to take photos for the blog) so they're definitely not a quick craft!

If I was smart, I would've used some paint pens instead of actual paint but hindsight is 20/20!

Fingers crossed they keep the Negative Nellies away! If not, at least they'll look great with my coffee :)


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