January 26, 2016

DIY Marble Photo Mat

I'm still on a marble kick so I created this marble photo mat in under 10 minutes!

You'll need the following supplies (cutting mat not shown):

I took my frame apart and removed the mat. I rolled out my marble contact paper, placed my mat on top of the back of it, and cut out a piece with my utility knife. I eyeballed the amount of paper I needed but if you'd like to cut a perfect section, you might need a ruler.

I removed the contact paper backing and pressed my mat in place.

Note: the inner edge of one side of my mat was straight while the other was beveled (shown above). I pressed the straight side down onto the back of the contact paper to ensure a straight line when it was creased.

I cut the excess contact paper off along these lines:

I folded it each flap backwards and pressed it in place on the beveled side of the mat:

I popped the mat back in the frame, added some art, and hung the frame up!

I love how chic the marble looks against the thick black frame I chose!

Covering the mat in marble paper (or any other paper!) is a great way to update old mats that aren't your style or that may have yellowed over time!

How would you upgrade an old photo mat?


  1. This looks awesome! I'm all about patterned mats.

    1. Thanks Haley! I've never used a patterned mat before but I love the look :)


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